Corporate T2 returns for years ending 2016/2017

If you have an incorporated business, you have unique tax needs. With TurboTax Business Incorporated, you can file T2 taxes yourself. It guides you through your return, step-by-step, with:

  • Government-approved forms
  • Business expense locator
  • Free Corporation Internet Filing

Business Incorporated


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Simplifying T2 incorporated small business taxes.

If you're a first time filer, you're in luck. TurboTax Business Incorporated will guide you through every step.

You'll complete and file1 your T2 corporate return confidently, while TurboTax automatically performs and checks all calculations using certified, government-approved tax forms.

More ways your corporate taxes are made easy:

Show Business Data Import, Business Active Auditor, and Forms Explorer

The EasyStep® Interview finds everything you need.

You know your business. We know taxes.

Our EasyStep® Interview will ask you relevant questions and guide you through the process to find all the credits and deductions your company qualifies for. Instead of filling out complicated T2 tax forms, save time and improve the accuracy of your return with our help.

Free Corporation Internet Filing to the CRA.

No need to print and mail your return, when you can file online - for free.

TurboTax Business Incorporated allows you to access Corporation Internet Filing, at no charge1.

TurboTax guides you step-by-step through the filing process when your return is complete.

When finished, you'll get immediate confirmation from the CRA that your return has been received.

Protect your T2 corporate return with Audit Defence.

If your business gets audited, you don't have to face the CRA alone.

Audit Defence by Canada Tax Resources Inc. connects you with an experienced tax pro who:

  • Defends your business return to the CRA
  • Reviews your return and all related documents
  • Corresponds with the CRA
  • Schedules and attends all audits

Best of all, you get the peace of mind that comes with having a professional on your side.

Add Audit Defence from within your copy of TurboTax Business Incorporated for just $49.992.

TurboTax Business Incorporated CD/downloads also include:

Accuracy and Time-Saving Features Total Coverage3 Powerful Features
  • Imports from QuickBooks, Quicken and other accounting software4
  • Free Corporation Internet Filing1
  • Business Active Auditor


  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee5

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  • EasyStep® Interview
  • Government approved forms
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Updated tax law changes

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