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Standard 2013

Great for individuals, couples, and families.

  • Made for Mac & PC
  • Includes 1 return

Product Details for TurboTax Standard

  • Covers over 400 deductions and credits
  • Claims child tax credits, such as fees for fitness or arts programs
  • Optimizes RRSP contributions for you and your spouse
  • Reduces taxes owed by splitting pension income with your partner
  • Carries forward data from other tax software1
  • Imports e-tax slips (ie. T4, RRSP Statements) directly into your TurboTax forms
  • All TurboTax key features

Premier 2013

Ideal for investors and property owners.

  • Made for Mac & PC
  • Includes 1 return
  • Add a Spousal Return. Just $17.99

Product Details for TurboTax Premier

  • Includes everything in Standard
  • Provides extra guidance for investment sale income: stocks, bonds, mutual funds & employee stock plans
  • Tracks capital gains and losses
  • Helps you report rental property income and claim rental property expenses
  • Handles tax situations for all members of your family
  • All TurboTax key features

Home & Business 2013

Made for consultants and contractors.

  • Made for Mac & PC
  • Includes 1 return
  • Add a Spousal Return. Just $17.99

Product Details for TurboTax Home & Business

  • Includes everything in Premier
  • Provides extra guidance through self-employment income and deductions
  • Helps you file your personal and unincorporated business taxes together
  • Helps claim business deductions, such as home office space, travel expenses, and vehicle expenses
  • Imports data directly from QuickBooks
  • All TurboTax key features

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Live Tax Advice

Get unlimited personalized guidance from our tax experts by phone or live chat for a flat fee of $15. Free with Premier and Home & Business.

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Audit Defence

Even 100% accurate tax returns get audited. Purchase Audit Defence for $39.99 and get a tax pro on your side.

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Pro Review

Have a tax professional review your return before you file to help ensure your return accurately reflects your tax situation.

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TurboTax Free 2013

File free for income-only returns.

Made for Canadians with only income to claim. TurboTax has helped millions of Canadians with only income to claim file free.

TurboTax Student 2013

Optimize your student deductions.

Made for students who paid tuition in 2013, TurboTax Student Edition is an easy, FREE way for students to file their tax returns.

Are you a senior?

Optimize your pension income, medical expenses, donations, and more.

All TurboTax Online Editions are designed to help you complete your tax return, regardless of your tax situation.

All TurboTax online editions include the following features and benefits:

Trustworthy Guarantees
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee2
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee3
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee4
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Total Support5
  • Free Tech Support6
  • In-Product Support
  • Phone / Chat
  • Live Community Forums
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Assuring Features
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Double-Checking of Your Returns for Errors
  • CRA and Revenu Québec certified
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