Handles life changes, easily and accurately.

TurboTax guides you through maximizing deductions from life changes such as:

  • Changing marital situation
  • Buying a home
  • Starting a family
  • Contributing to RRSPs and pension plans
  • Graduating and paying back student loans

TurboTax Standard 2013


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Asks you simple questions that you can easily answer.

TurboTax guides you step by step, asking you easy questions in plain-English, such as "Did you get married". It completes your return based on your answers.

Guides you to your maximum refund in 5 easy steps.1

TurboTax guides you through your return in 5 easy steps.

Throughout the process, it shows you where you are, and how far is left to go. Missing some information? No problem. TurboTax lets you flag areas you want to revisit later.

Searches for missed deductions.

Only TurboTax has Personal Profiling, a unique feature which helps TurboTax determine what you can deduct.

As you answer simple questions about your life situation, TurboTax determines what credits and deductions apply to your situation and claims them for you.

Plus there are over 400+ deductions in the Deduction Toolbox, an A-to-Z list of deductions that you can search to ensure you get everything you deserve. 

Carries forward last year's tax info into this year's return.

If you used TurboTax, UFile® or H&R Block® last year, you can import your 2012 tax data into TurboTax.2

This helps ensure you don’t  miss unused credits from the last year

It also saves you time from manually entering in information, which helps improve the accuracy of your return.

Helps optimize your RRSP contributions.

The TurboTax RRSP Optimizer lets you see how different RRSP contribution amounts affect your refund (or tax owing).

It helps you determine the optimum RRSP contribution for you and your spouse.

Helps ensure you get the most from your pension income.

If you have a company pension plan or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) income, you can split up to 50% of it with your spouse. 

The TurboTax Pension Income Splitting Optimizer automatically suggests the best distribution of your income, so you end up paying less in taxes.

Checks and double checks your return before you file.

When it comes to taxes, nobody wants to make a mistake or miss out on extra money. 

Before you file, we check your return for any possible mistakes or money-saving opportunities you may have missed.

It's our way of ensuring that you get your biggest refund possible – guaranteed.1

Alerts you to common audit triggers & provides audit support.3

Audit Risk Alert lets you see which tax claims may trigger any red flags to the CRA before you file.

By letting you know of your potential risk for a tax audit before you file, TurboTax allows you to:

  • Go back and make any changes
  • Make an informed decision about the return you're filing

And with Audit Defence, a tax professional will represent you to CRA and help to minimize potential penalities. Additional fees and restrictions apply.3

With all TurboTax online editions, you get:

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  • Maximum Refund Guarantee1
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee5
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee6

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  • Bank-level security
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  • Instant Refund Ticker
  • Audit Risk Alert
  • Step-by-step guidance

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