Made for students who paid tuition in 2014.

Exams, student loan payments, job hunting, we get it. You've got enough on your plate without trying to figure out your taxes and student deductions.

TurboTax Student



If you paid tuition and your household income is less than $20,000.


If your household income is greater than $20,000.

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Maximize your student deductions.

TurboTax Student Online Edition focuses on things that matter most to students, such as:

  • Claiming up to $400/month in tuition
  • Getting up to $65/month back on textbooks
  • Claiming moving costs if you moved 40km or more
  • Deducting public transit passes

And when you're done, you can NETFILE1 your return and get your refund in as few as eight days2.

Here are some TurboTax time-savers:

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Yes, it's free! It really is.

School is expensive. So finding every possible dollar is key.

TurboTax believes in giving students a hand. School is stressful enough. Moreso when trying to meet the tax deadline.

So we make it easy to do your taxes yourself. And we protect you with the strongest guarantees in the business.

Learn more:

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We guarantee your taxes are done right3.

TurboTax Student is made by a team of tax experts and software engineers. It's designed to:

  • Deliver your biggest refund possible4
  • Be 100% accurate3
  • Comply with all CRA tax laws

Other ways TurboTax does your taxes right:

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TurboTax handles your life changes.

Got married? Started contributing to an RRSP? Started a business? TurboTax helps manage the ongoing changes in your life by asking simple questions to help complete your tax return.

In addition to student tax deductions, it helps find additional tax deductions for your biggest refund possible4.

  • RRSP contributions
  • Life change related tax deductions

And remember, you can prepare and file your return for free. Do I qualify to use free tax software?

Extra tools available to you:

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With all TurboTax online editions, you get:

Trustworthy Guarantees Total Support5 Powerful Features
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee4
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee3
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee6

More about TurboTax guarantees

  • Phone support
  • Chat support
  • In-product support
  • Live Community forums

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  • Bank-level security
  • EasyStep® Interview
  • Instant Refund Ticker
  • Step-by-step guidance

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Student Online includes everything in Standard Online