Do Your Taxes For Free. Really.

TurboTax Free Online Edition is free tax preparation software designed to help you do your simple tax return... at no cost. PLUS! No downloads, no installations - and fast refunds with NETFILE.1

Free Tax Preparation Software Built for Tax Returns with T4s, T4As & Other Income Reported on Slips Only.

Your tax situation is simple - so shouldn't the way you do your taxes be just as straightforward? With TurboTax Free Online Edition, it is!

  • It's easy & free. Why pay a tax preparer or use pencil & paper when you can do your own tax preparation for free with truly easy tax software?
  • High income max! If you made less than $60,000 in household income2 in 2010, you can use this free income tax preparation software
  • Fast refunds! Get your money in about 8 days when you file with NETFILE1
  • No installations & no downloads. You choose when and where you use this free tax preparation software

You instantly qualify if you're preparing a tax return with income only - no tuition, no RRSPs, no complications. 

Do Your Taxes for FREE
Free tax preparation software.
Free income tax preparation.

Trust TurboTax, Canada's #1 Best-Selling Tax Software.3

Doing your taxes yourself can be easy...with the right income tax preparation software to guide you along the way. TurboTax Free Online Edition has the guidance you need to do your taxes right. In fact, we totally guarantee its accuracy.4

You can trust TurboTax. This isn't just any free tax preparation software, this is TurboTax, Canada's #1 best-selling tax software.3 We've been serving Canadian taxpayers for over 15 years, and millions of Canadians trust TurboTax to prepare their taxes year over year.5 Try TurboTax and see why.

Start now! TurboTax Free Online Edition

Free support when you need it.

Do Your Taxes the Easy Way... With Free Support.

When you need a hand, TurboTax free tax preparation software is here to help with:

  • Free email support every step of the way6
  • The TurboTax Live Community, the fastest way to get answers to your questions from other TurboTax users & tax experts - directly from within your TurboTax Free Online Edition

Give it a shot! You'll wonder why you used pencil & paper to do your taxes.

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File your refund with NETFILE

What You Really Want: A Fast Refund.

With TurboTax Free Online Edition, as soon as you're done completing your tax return, simply file it online with NETFILE.1 You can get your refund in as few as 8 days.

PLUS! You'll be wasting less paper by filing online. How green of you.

Tax preparation for free.

Yeah, But Do I Qualify?

If you have a very simple tax return where you're only claiming employment or pension income earned in 2010, then you qualify. That's it.

But I Have Deductions, Too...
That's okay! We've got more comprehensive online income tax software that you can try for free. Find the one that's right for you.