TurboTax Online 2014 is coming soon!

Before we start your taxes, let's find the best TurboTax Online 2013 version for you.

1. About your work

Do any of these apply?

  • I am self-employed
  • I own my own business
  • I earned most of my income as an independent contractor
2. About your investments

Do any of these apply?

  • I sold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or options
  • I own rental property
3. About you

Do any of these apply?

  • I own a home or have kids
  • I donated to charity
  • I have education or medical expenses
Looks like our Home & Business version has more power than you need. Let's take that off the list. (Don't worry, you can still click it if you change your mind.)
Ok, Premier is not for you. It's designed for people with more complicated tax situations like stock sales or rental property.
It looks like TurboTax Military Edition isn't for you. It's customized to search for military-related tax deductions for active duty military and reservists.
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Free 2013

If you have a simple tax return, file FREE without any income restrictions.

  • I have a simple return
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Standard 2013

Great for individuals, couples, and families.

  • I have kids
  • I own a home
  • I have lots of deductions
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Premier 2013

Ideal for investors and property owners.

  • I own stocks and bonds
  • I have mutual funds
  • I have rental properties
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Home & Business 2013

Made for consultants and contractors.

  • I work for myself
  • I'm a contractor
  • I'm a consultant
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