Looking For Tax Software Compatible With Your Mac?

Yes! There is a TurboTax for Mac Users.

TurboTax online editions can be directly used in your Mac's web browser. No software to download, no CD to install and no compatibility program to use. Log on anytime, anywhere and get your taxes done and filed - quickly and easily.


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TurboTax and Tax Software for Mac

Why You Should Do Taxes on Your Mac

It's safe. Secure TurboTax technology, along with your Mac's OS, creates a safe online experience. 

It's easy. No need to use a PC. Canadians using TurboTax online editions rate its ease of use 4.3/5.1

It's fast. NETFILE is compatible with your Mac. Just click to file, and you can have your refund in as little as 8 days.2 

It's FREE to try. You only pay when you're ready to print or file your completed return.

It's convenient. If you used TurboTax, HR Block, or UFile desktop to file your prior year's return, your personal information can be carried forward to TurboTax Online Standard Edition, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

Trusted by Millions of Canadians

TurboTax is the #1 best-selling tax software in Canada3 year after year. We have the right solution for your needs.

Why take our word for it?
Trust the reviews of other Canadians in situations just like yours who choose TurboTax over other tax software solutions.

"This was my first time using Turbotax on-line. I had been putting off doing this for months. VERY user-friendly and virtually dummy-proof! I would highly recommend using this product."

- "Shuggles", TurboTax Online user

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1 and 8-return products available. No installation required – works on Mac browsers.

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