Why Choose Online Tax Preparation This Year?

You've heard of online tax preparation - and now you may be considering it for your 2013 taxes. See why you should prepare & file your taxes online with TurboTax this year.

Every single TurboTax online edition is free to try. That means there's no commitment! So check out a TurboTax online edition for yourself today... see if you like it... and complete your taxes if you do. (You'll pay only when you print/file your return.)1

Why wait? Get started with TurboTax online editions today.

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Maximum Refund Guarantee
Accuracy Guaranteed
FREE Support Included

TurboTax Online Editions Are Right for You If...

...You Love to Try Before You Buy

Why pay for a solution before you've actually tried it out and found that it meets all your needs? With TurboTax online editions, you can actually complete your return online for free... and pay only when you're ready to print or file.

TurboTax online editions may suit you well if you:

  • Bank & shop online
  • Like to use NETFILE to file your return online
  • Use social tools, like Facebook, to connect
  • Want to do your taxes anywhere
  • Don't want to commit to any tax prep method before trying it out
  • Only need to prepare 1 or 2 returns

Is Your Sensitive Data Kept Safe on the Web? Absolutely!
All TurboTax software is 100% safeguarded using the same security major banks use & trust - including storage of data on firewall-encrypted servers.

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TurboTax CDs or Downloads Are Right for You If...

...You Save Everything to Your Computer's Desktop

Do you save the majority of your files for work or personal use directly onto your desktop or hard drive?

If so, you may prefer software installed at a single location - and the CD/download editions of TurboTax may be right for you.

Choose TurboTax CDs or downloads if you:

  • Prefer to go into the bank or into retail stores
  • Like to store your software CDs year after year... "just in case"
  • Want to switch to Forms mode (which isn't available in the online editions)
  • Plan to do your 2013 taxes from just one computer
  • Need the multiple returns included in TurboTax CD/download editions
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Whether You Choose CD, Download or Online Editions, You'll Always Get...

It doesn't matter if you choose a TurboTax online edition or TurboTax on CD/download - because all top TurboTax solutions come with:

  • Maximum Refund Guarantee - You won't get a bigger refund or pay less in taxes with any other software or tax prep method. Period.
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Not happy? Don't think TurboTax is easy? You've got a full 60 days to return it.2
  • 100% FREE Tech Support - From TurboTax experts. Available by phone, email or chat.3
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee - Your taxes are 100% accurate... or your money back.4
  • Easy Online Tax Filing - Want to get your refund faster? File online through TurboTax with NETFILE.5

Plus, trust the fact that over 4.5 million tax returns were prepared and filed with TurboTax last year6... and TurboTax continues to be Canada's #1 best-selling tax software.7

NOTE: Exceptions apply for TurboTax Free Online Edition, TurboTax Basic and TurboTax Business Incorporated.