Solidarity Tax Credit and Direct Deposit – TurboTax Takes Care of Both

TurboTax handles all the tax changes for Quebecers and optimizes all the credits and deductions you’re entitled to. It’s the easiest way to claim the Solidarity Tax Credit!

Solidarity tax credit and direct deposit – TurboTax takes care of both

Claim your Solidarity Tax Credit with TurboTax  

In the 2010 tax year, Revenu Québec introduced a new credit, the Solidarity Tax Credit. This new credit replaced 3 previous credits:

  • The QST credit
  • The property tax refund
  • The credit for individuals living in northern villages

The credit is calculated based on family income. It is a refundable tax credit, meaning that you get it even if you do not owe income tax.

Why this new credit? The Solidarity Tax Credit:

  • Is intended to protect the buying power of low and medium income households
  • Benefits about 2.7 million Québec households, that is 200,000 more households than the actual 3 credits
  • Amounts to $500/year on average per household ($42 on average per month)

The credit is paid monthly to eligible individuals. To receive the payments, you must be registered for direct deposit with Revenu Québec.

Change in the Course of the Year
The solidarity tax credit is paid once a month to better meet the needs of the individuals receiving it. If your situation changes in the course of the year, the amount of your credit must be revised accordingly.

For this reason, you must notify Revenu Québec of any change in your situation that could affect the amount to which you are entitled. You must do so before the end of the month following the month of the change.

For instance, you are required to inform Revenu Québec if:

  • you and your spouse have been separated for 90 days or more because of the breakdown of your relationship
  • you have a new spouse
  • you begin or cease to reside in a northern village
  • you move into an eligible dwelling or a dwelling that is not eligible
  • you are confined to a prison or similar institution
  • you leave Québec to settle elsewhere permanently
  • the number of co-tenants in your dwelling changes

To notify Revenu Québec of any change that could affect the amount of your credit, complete a Notice of Change in Situation – Solidarity Tax Credit (form TP-1029.CS.3-V) or use the Give Notification of a Change in Situation: Solidarity Tax Credit online service. However, if you did not previously claim the solidarity tax credit for the year and you want to claim it because you have been living separately from your spouse for 90 days or more due to the breakdown of your relationship, complete Schedule D instead.

If you or your spouse receives the child assistance payment from the Régie des rentes du Québec (RRQ) and there is a change in your family situation (such as a new custody arrangement or a new spouse) in the course of the year, notify only the RRQ of the change.


Eligibility Requirements

The Solidarity Tax Credit is a lot simpler because the eligibility conditions are the same for the 3 credits it replaces. No more complicated forms to fill! To claim the Solidarity Tax Credit, you must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • If you are under 18, you must have a spouse, or be the father or the mother of a child who lives with you, or be recognized as an emancipated minor
  • Have been a Quebec resident on December 31, 2014
  • Have legal status (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, refugee, etc.)

If you have a spouse who normally lives with you, only one of you can claim the tax credit.


This refundable tax credit is deposited directly into your bank account once a month.

The payment is a regular amount, revised each year in July to take into account changes in your family situation.

You must be registered for direct deposit to receive payments of the tax credit and have a bank account in a financial institution in Québec. 

Use TurboTax to Claim Your Credit

Trust TurboTax to register easily and quickly for direct deposit! Claim the solidarity tax credit while preparing your provincial return.

Because of a close collaboration with Revenu Québec, TurboTax:

  • Lets you know whether or not you’re eligible for the Solidarity Tax Credit
  • Does all the calculations for you
  • Shows you the amount you’re entitled to
  • Allows you to control the registration process yourself. No need to dig through your papers for information, to mail a form or to go to the Revenu Québec site! 

Choose your TurboTax to claim your solidarity tax credit

How to register for Direct Deposit

Not already registered for direct deposit? You have 4 choices:

  • Prepare your provincial and your federal returns with TurboTax and submit them electronically!  
  • Use Revenu Québec’s online service or, to register for that service, use My Account.
  • Complete the Request for Direct Deposit form (LM-3.Q-V or LM-3.M-V). If you live closer to Québec City, use LM-3.Q-V; if you live closer to Montreal, choose LM-3.M-V. The only difference between the forms is the address for the Revenu Québec office.
  • Print your return and mail it with a cancelled cheque (write your name and SIN number on the back)

Requesting the solidarity tax credit

Taxpayers 18 and over have to request the tax credit to receive it. If you were a resident of Québec on December 31, 2014, you can make the claim while you are preparing your provincial return (fill out Schedule D). Otherwise, you will have to use the required form.