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The "Ask a Tax Expert" service is now closed for the 2010 tax season.

We appreciate your interest in this service and encourage you to check back once the 2011 tax season has begun.

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Got a tax question? Don't try and guess - get the facts instead! Submit your tax question to have a qualified Canadian tax expert look at it and call you back with the information you're looking for.
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Enjoy one-on-one service from our dedicated team of qualified Canadian tax pros. They will review your question and personally call you back with an answer.

NOTE: As this year’s tax filing deadline approaches, the Ask a Tax Expert service may exceed its call limits. During this time we will make every effort to personally call you and answer your question however, we may need to deliver your response via email instead of by phone. Rest assured, regardless of the type of response (phone or email) your question will be answered by one of our resident tax experts.

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Our tax pros understand Canada's tax code and the latest laws, tips and trends. Have peace of mind knowing your tax question will be answered promptly, professionally and correctly.

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