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How to Change Your Tax Return AFTER You’ve Filed

So you filed your tax return & you discover an RRSP contribution receipt that would have made all the difference to your refund. So frustrating! If you’ve missed out on a deduction or have another change you’d like to make to your return, you’re in luck. It’s easy to let the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) know you need to include additional information on your tax return.

If you need to make a change to a return that you’ve already filed with the CRA, all you need to do is file a T1-Adjustment Request form to request an adjustment to your income tax return.


How to File an Adjustment Form

There are two ways you can file an adjustment to your income tax return:

1)      By Internet: You can make changes to your income tax return using the online My Account Service from the CRA. Once you are in My Account, you simply click on the Change My Return option and then enter and submit any changes to your most recent income tax return or returns from the previous two years. Once you select Submit, your changes will be sent to the CRA.

2)      By Mail: You can complete and print a T1-Adjustment form and mail it into the CRA. If you choose to submit your adjustment request via mail you will need to include the receipts or supporting documents for the changes you wish to make & the supporting documents for your original claim (if applicable), in addition to the completed adjustment request.


Where to find an Adjustment Form

The T1 Adjustment Request form is included in all desktop versions of TurboTax.  Here are the instructions on how to find the form in TurboTax desktop: {here}

Use TurboTax Online or file with paper? The T1 Adjustment Request form can be downloaded from the CRA website here.


When to file an Adjustment Form

If you need to file an adjustment form, wait until you receive your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. This will ensure that they have processed your last return and will be able to process the adjustment form with no confusion.


Where to send your Adjustment Form

If you choose to mail in your adjustment, send your completed form and supporting documentation to your designated tax center. You can find the address for your tax centre, based on your location, {here}.


How far back can I make a change?

You can file an adjustment request for a tax year ending in any of the 10 previous calendar years (not tax years). For example, a request made in 2012 must relate to the 2002 or a later tax year to be considered.


What happens next?

The CRA will review your adjustment request and send you a notice of reassessment once they have completed their review. The Notice of Reassessment will include any changes made to your return and a letter of explanation if they did not accept your change.