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More Credits? The Kids are All Right

How about one more post from our second annual Tax Credit Census?

Many tax credits are geared towards helping kids grow up smart and healthy, and families across Canada are taking advantage of these – to varying degrees, of course.

  • Children’s physical fitness: Calgarians may prefer their cars to the bus or bike, but their kids might be the fittest in the country.  A full quarter of Calgarians (25 per cent) plan to claim the children’s physical fitness credit, followed very closely by Ottawans at 24 per cent.  Toronto and Vancouver residents are tied for third spot at 20 per cent, followed by Edmonton (19 per cent) and Montreal, which sits in a distant last place at just nine per cent.
  • Post-secondary tuition: Fit bodies come fit minds, as Ottawa ranks highest again for tuition tax credits with more than one in four (27%) claiming them.  Edmonton residents follow at 21 per cent, followed by Vancouverites (14 per cent), Torontonians (18 per cent), Calgarians (16 per cent) and Montrealers (13 per cent).
  • Child tax credit: Ottawa residents rank top-of-the-list of Canadians filing for child-related tax credits (42 per cent). It’s followed in a distant second by Toronto (25 per cent), while Vancouver and Calgary are tied for third at 24 per cent, with Montreal and Edmonton in the bottom two, at 21 and 19 per cent respectively.