The Canada Revenue Agency offers two registration options for accessing its My Account service. Users can choose to log in by creating a new user ID and password, or by choosing from a list of sign-in partners. While both methods offer secure access, the ability to use the same credentials you already use for online banking provides added convenience.

Initial Registration

The initial registration process for My Account access is the same, whether choosing to use regular enrollment or a Sign-in Partner.

During initial registration, the CRA asks for information to confirm your identity, such as social insurance number, your current postal code, date of birth, and answers to randomly selected line items from your current or previous year’s tax return. Once identity is confirmed, a security code is mailed to your address on file. My Account access is limited until the security code is entered upon login.

After completing the initial registration, access to My Account is then available either by regular enrollment, which requires creating a user ID and password, or through a Sign-in Partner.

Regular Enrollment

If individuals select to create a new user ID and password to access My Account, they must set up a series of security questions, such as identifying their mother’s maiden name. These security question will be used as challenges in case of a forgotten password. When these security questions are answered correctly, a forgotten password can be reset. A forgotten user ID, however, is not recoverable. Instead, a new ID must be registered.

Partners

When the link for Continue to Sign-In Partner is selected upon registering on the CRA login page, users are redirected to a separate window that asks them to choose their bank from a list of financial institutions. If the bank is on the list, the user logs in by using the same credentials used for online banking. Once logged in, the user is redirected to CRA My Account.

Using the same security as online banking, this approach eliminates the need for a new ID and password; people simply use the same credentials they use to access an account already held with one of the available Sign-in Partners.

These Sign-in Partners use SecureKey Concierge, a technology that allows account holders access to government services by signing in with their online bank credentials. SecureKey acts as a filter, guarding the account holder’s private information and identity from both the bank and the government site.

Current Sign-In Partners

For individuals already using online banking, no preparation is needed. Individuals who do not use online banking must first register online with their financial institution — provided it is listed as a CRA Sign-in Partner — or continue to regular enrollment. If a currently unlisted bank becomes a Sign-in Partner in the future, an individual will be able to sign in using their online banking credentials at that time.

As of 2015, My Account access is available through the following Sign-in Partners:

  • BMO Financial Group
  • Scotiabank
  • Tangerine
  • TD Bank Group

Watch the My Account homepage as more Sign-in Partners will become available.

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