These days, Gen Z and millennials are feeling the pinch when it comes to the rising cost of living. Fortunately, the government is providing financial assistance to young Canadians across the country through its Affordability Plan, which comprises of numerous benefits programs. Those who are eligible for these benefits will receive affordability payments. 

No doubt, it’s tricky staying on top of the affordability payment dates (we totally get it—you’d rather be watching your favourite movie than scouring the internet for government payment dates!). Not to worry: We’ve got your back. Here are the most popular federal and provincial benefits—some will be relevant to your current situation, while others you’ll want to make note of for future reference. Oh, and you’ll want to pay attention to those payment dates.

Key Takeaways
  1. To receive financial assistance, take advantage of the federal and provincial benefits available to you. 
  2. In general, the majority of the benefit payment dates are paid out monthly or quarterly. 
  3. To be considered for these government benefits, be sure to file your tax return on time.

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Your federal government benefits

The good news about federal benefits programs is that you can be eligible for them no matter where you live in Canada—as long as you meet the requirements. And, you can apply for the majority of them when you file your tax return.

Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit payment dates

The GST/HST credit assists individuals and families with low and modest incomes in offsetting the amount of goods and services tax (GST) or harmonized sales tax (HST)they pay. It is a tax-free amount paid out on a quarterly basis. To be considered for the credit, all you have to do is file your tax return.

Advanced Canada workers benefit (ACWB) payment dates

As of July 2023, the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) distributes advance payments equal to 50% of the CWB across 3 instalments, as part of the ACWB. This enhanced program is designed to help offset the cost of living for working individuals and families who earn a low income. You can claim this benefit when you file your tax return.

Canada child benefit (CCB) payment dates

The CCB is a tax-free monthly payment to assist families with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. It may also include the child disability benefit and related provincial and territorial programs.

You’ll need to apply for the CCB program when your child is born or if you have a custody arrangement. Typically, when you have a newborn, you will fill out the documents at the hospital. Otherwise, you can apply online through CRA My Account

Here are the GST/HST, ACWB and CCB payment dates:

Goods and services tax / harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit

Advanced canada workers Benefit (ACWB)

Canada child benefit (CCB) 

January 5, 2024

April 5, 2024

July 5, 2024

October 4, 2024

January 12, 2024

July 12, 2024

October 11, 2024

January 19, 2024

February 20, 2024

March 20, 2024

April 19, 2024

May 17, 2024

June 20, 2024

July 19, 2024

August 20, 2024

September 20, 2024

October 18, 2024

November 20, 2024

December 13, 2024

Veteran disability (VD) pension payment dates

The veteran disability pension helps support those who have an injury or illness resulting from their service in the military. You can apply for this benefit online through My VAC Account.

Canadian pension plan (CPP) payment dates

The CPP is a monthly, taxable benefit that you receive to supplement your income during your golden years. Although retirement may seem light-years away, it’s helpful to know what your potential CPP payments will be. For example, the max CPP payout in 2023 for an individual who is age 65 is $1,306.57 per month.

Once you’ve determined whether you qualify and when you want to start receiving payments, you can apply online for CPP payments through My Service Canada Account (MSCA).

Curious to know what day of the month CPP is paid? It’s generally the third-to-last day. 

Old age security (OAS) payment dates

The OAS pension is a monthly amount that you’ll receive when you are age 65 and older. For most individuals, Service Canada will automatically enroll you in the OAS pension. Otherwise, you can apply online through MSCA.

Pop quiz! What is the average OAS payment at 65? The average monthly payment amount is $707.68 for individuals ages 65 to 74 if your annual net income is less than $142,609. The average monthly payment amount is $778.45 for those who are 75 and older if your annual net income is less than $148,179. 

Here are the veteran disability, CPP, and OAS payment dates:

Veteran disability pension*

Canada pension plan (CPP)

Old age security (OAS)

January 30, 2023

February 27, 2023

March 30, 2023

April 27, 2023

May 30, 2023

June 29, 2023

July 28, 2023

August 30, 2023

September 28, 2023

October 30, 2023

November 29, 2023

December 21, 2023

January 29, 2024

February 27, 2024

March 26, 2024

April 26, 2024

May 29, 2024

June 26, 2024

July 29, 2024

August 28, 2024

September 25, 2024

October 29, 2024

November 27, 2024

December 20, 2024

January 29, 2024

February 27, 2024

March 26, 2024

April 26, 2024

May 29, 2024

June 26, 2024

July 29, 2024

August 28, 2024

September 25, 2024

October 29, 2024

November 27, 2024

December 20, 2024

*2024 dates have not yet been published by the CRA. This article will be updated once more information is available. 

Provincial government benefits

Now that we’ve covered some ground on the federal benefits programs, here are the top provincial benefits programs and payment dates that you should know about. 

Climate action incentive payment (CAIP) dates

The CAIP is a tax-free payment intended to assist individuals and families in offsetting the cost of federal pollution pricing; it includes a basic amount, as well as a supplemental amount for rural residents. It’s available to residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Be sure to file your tax return to be automatically considered for this benefit.

Ontario trillium benefit (OTB) payment dates

The OTB helps low-income families pay for energy costs, sales tax, and property tax. It includes the Ontario energy and property tax credit, the Northern Ontario energy credit, and the Ontario sales tax credit. To apply for this benefit, you need to complete the ON-BEN application form and submit it along with your tax return.

Alberta child and family benefit (ACFB) payment dates

The ACFB is a tax-free payment to assist low-to-middle-income families with children under 18 years of age. Automatic consideration is given when you file your annual tax return.

Here are the CAIP, ACFB and OTB payment dates:

Climate action incentive payment (CAIP)

Ontario trillium benefit (OTB)

Alberta child and family benefit (ACFB)

January 15, 2024

April 15, 2024

July 15, 2024

October 15, 2024

January 10, 2024

February 9, 2024

March 8, 2024

April 10, 2024

May 10, 2024

June 10, 2024

July 10, 2024

August 9, 2024

September 10, 2024

October 10, 2024

November 8, 2024

December 10, 2024

February 27, 2024

May 27, 2024

August 27, 2024

November 27, 2024

Save the dates 

Mark your calendars so you know when those government payment dates are (cha-ching!). By understanding the benefit payment dates, you can grab these financial opportunities throughout the year.

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