What Is a T4E?

The T4E – Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits tax information slip is issued to everyone who:

The information on a T4E includes:

  • The gross amount of benefits paid (including CERB). This amount is entered on line 11900 if your income tax return.
  • The amount of income tax deducted.
  • The amount repaid towards any previously received overpayments, where applicable.

The T4E slip must be filed with the income tax return for the corresponding tax year.

Québec residents receive the T4EQ – Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits.

T4E Boxes and What They Represent

  • Box 7 – Repayment Rate: If there is a rate of 30% in this box, you may have to make a Social Benefits Repayment of the benefits you have received. There is a chart attached to the T4E that will assist you in calculating this repayment amount. If you use tax software such as TurboTax, the calculation is calculated automatically once you have entered all your income information.
  • Box 14 – Total Benefits Paid: The amount in this box is entered on Line 11900 – Employment Insurance and Other Benefits of your tax return. Box 14 includes any amounts shown in boxes 15, 17, 18, 33, and 36.
  • Box 15 – Regular and Other Benefits Paid: This amount is included in Box 14 and includes work-sharing benefits paid and income benefits under Section 25 of the Employment Insurance Act.
  • Box 17 – Employment Benefits and Support Measures Paid: This amount is included in Box 14 and includes EI funded financial assistance paid while you taking part in an approved employment program (that is not included in box 15).
  • Box 20 – Taxable Tuition Assistance: This amount is included in Box 14 and also Box 17 or Box 33. If you receive taxable tuition assistance, you should also receive a T2202 Education & Textbook Amounts Certificate which allows you to claim an Education Tax Credit and offset the taxable income.
  • Box 21 – Non-taxable Tuition Assistance: If you receive non-taxable tuition assistance, you are not entitled to claim any offsetting education tax credits and will not receive a T2202 slip. This amount is also reported on Line 25600 – Additional Deductions.
  • Box 22 – Income Tax Deducted: Any tax withheld from your benefit payments is shown in this box and reported on Line 43700 – Total Income Tax Deducted of your tax return.

Other Information Boxes

There are a number of boxes in this section that may have entries in them for the following:

  • Box 18 – Tax Exempt Benefits: This box applies to Indians registered, or eligible to be registered, under the Indian Act and is included in box 14.
  • Box 24 – Non-Resident Tax Deducted: The amount from this box is entered on Line 43700.
  • Box 26 – Overpayment Recovered or Repaid: If you were overpaid EI benefits and had to repay them, the amount you repaid is shown here and included in Box 30.
  • Box 27 – Reversal of Income Tax Deducted: Any reversal of income tax deducted from an amount that was repaid is shown here and also included in box 30.
  • Box 30 – Total Repayment*: The amount in this box is the total of boxes 26 and 27 and reported on Line 23200 – Other Deductions of your tax return.

*What is the Repayment About?

If you have received more benefits than the amounts you were entitled to, you must repay those amounts. The amount of the repayment will be indicated on the T4E form in the Other Information section. This could be a mistake due to undeclared earnings or even an error on the part of your employer or Service Canada. More information can be found in this link: Employment Insurance (EI) and Overpayments.

Is it possible to receive more than one T4E slip?

Yes, if the benefits were paid under different programs, like a provincial and a federal program, you will receive more than one T4E slip.

If you received benefits under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan, you will get a Relevé 6 and a Federal T4E slip.

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