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TL2 Tax Form: Claim for Meals & Lodging Expenses

What is the TL2 tax form used for?

This is the form you will use to claim meal and lodging expenses.

Who is eligible to claim those expenses?

You can claim a meal and lodging expense deduction if you:

  • Work for an airline, railway, bus, or trucking company, including long-haul truck drivers
  • Work for any other employer whose main business is transporting goods, passengers, or both
  • Travel in vehicles that the employer uses to transport goods or passengers
  • Regularly have to travel away from the municipality and the metropolitan area (if there is one) where your employer’s home terminal is located
  • Regularly have meal and lodging expenses while travelling away from the municipality where the employer’s home terminal is located, meaning that you must generally be away from home overnight to do the job

How do I fill out the TL2 tax form?

You complete Parts 1 and 2 and get your employer to fill out Part 3. Consult Guide T4044 to determine if the simplified, the detailed or the batching method of calculation is the best in your situation.  For more detailed information on eligibility, see Information Circular 73-21 here.

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