This non-refundable Digital News Subscription Tax Credit is for individuals who subscribed to a Qualifying Canadian Journalism Organization – QCJO –  for subscription costs to Canadian Digital News Media from 2020 through 2024 where their primary focus is “original news written content”.

How do I know if my subscription qualifies?

These digital news publishers can complete & submit Form T622 form Digital News Subscription Tax Credit – Eligible Subscription. Eligible subscriptions are published on the CRA’s List of qualifying digital news subscriptions.

There are other organizations that can offer a subscription for the DSNTC, which did not file a request for determination (T622 form) from the CRA;  if that is the case, then their name will not appear on the CRA’s list of qualifying digital news subscription. If you have subscribed to an organization that is not listed, you should contact the organization for more information.

If an organization ceases to qualify as a QCJO, they are required to inform their subscribers; the subscriber will still get the credit as long as they have purchased their subscription prior to the disqualification date.

Registered journalism organizations are qualified donees, are exempt from tax and can issue donation receipts for gifts that they receive. Submitting Form T622 to the CRA does not result in registered journalism organization status.

Combining subscriptions

If you have a combination of digital and newsprint subscriptions, you will only be allowed to claim the “digital” costs alone.

What if more than one person within your household qualifies?

The total amount can be split between them (i.e. spouse or roommate) as long as the total amount claimed is no more than what is allowed for one person.

Calculating the credit

Within any fiscal year (2020 through 2024), you can claim up to $500 in costs incurred for a subscription to a QCJO. You will then receive a 15% non-refundable credit on the amount paid to a maximum of $75 annually.

Multiplying the lowest personal income tax rate (15%) by the total of all amounts paid by the individual for qualifying subscription expenses in the year up to $500.

How do I apply it on my tax return?

Starting 2020 through 2024, this amount can be applied directly to line 31350 of your income tax return.

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