We make it easy for you to get your
taxes done with 100% accuracy*

  • Instant Refund Ticker

    As you enter information into TurboTax, you'll instantly see the impact on your refund (or tax owing).

    No waiting until you're done. The status of your refund is always up to date.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance

    TurboTax asks you simple questions about what's new in your life (marriage, kids, new home, etc.) then guides you through filing your taxes.

  • RRSP Optimizer

    See how different RRSP contribution amounts can increase your tax refund or lower your tax owing.

    The RRSP Optimizer helps you make an informed decision on the optimum RRSP contribution for you and your spouse.

  • Pension Optimizer

    TurboTax helps you figure out how to split pension income between you and your spouse so you optimize your tax return.

  • Auto Search for Deductions

    TurboTax is up to date with all of the latest tax changes and automatically searches over 400 credits to find ones that you’re eligible for.

  • Year-Over-Year Transfer

    If you used TurboTax last year, you can import your prior year tax data into TurboTax, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

  • Return Review

    We check your return for errors and money-saving opportunities before you file, helping ensure your return is accurate and that you get the best tax outcome*.

  • Audit Defence

    Have tax expert representation ready in case you're audited by the CRA.

    Available for personal and business returns, you're connected with a tax expert who deals with the CRA on your behalf.

  • Import e-slips Into Your Return

    If you get e-slips from your employer, RRSP provider, you can import them directly into your return, saving you time. Our participating partners include cifunds.ca and canadahelps.org.

  • Done Right, However You Choose

    File on your own, with live help and a line-by-line review with an expert, or hand your taxes off to an expert who will complete them from start to finish. It’s up to you!

  • Business Guidance

    If you have self-employment income, TurboTax asks you specific questions to help find deductions personalized to your industry and line of work. Whether you’re a freelancer, side-gigger, independent contractor, or have multiple sources of income, TurboTax can handle your return.

  • Taxes Anywhere, Anytime

    File your taxes anytime, anywhere on our mobile app. Seamlessly switch between any device and securely pick up right where you left off.

  • Rental & Investment Guidance

    Designed for all levels of investing, from simple stocks to crypto to rental income, TurboTax asks questions specific for investors, to ensure you get every deduction you deserve.

  • Donations Optimizer

    TurboTax helps you determine how to get the most of your donations, either by transferring some or all of your donations to your spouse or carrying them forward to a future tax year.

  • Auto-Fill My Return

    Save time and download your tax info directly from the Canada Revenue Agency into TurboTax with just a few clicks.

  • T4 Import icon

    T4 Import

    Snap or drag and drop your T4 into TurboTax for faster filing (and less room for data entry errors).