The Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account portal can help you file your tax return in no time. This service provides quick access to your T4 slips, carry-forward amounts and account balances. It also allows you to make adjustments to past returns and submit documents directly online.

Quickly Access Your T4 Slips

My Account allows you to quickly and conveniently access T4 slips, in addition to other tax slips. This not only saves you time, but also reduces the likelihood of making an error when completing your return. Tax slips that have been validated and submitted by your employer, the government and other sources will appear online by the end of February each year. However, it’s still important to hold onto the original copies. As of 2015, some tax slips — such as the T5 and the T2202A — are not available through My Account.

View Carry-Forward Amounts

If you misplaced copies of old tax slips and need to claim a tax deduction for the current year, My Account can help. View carry-forward amounts from previous tax years directly online through the portal. These carry-forward amounts include capital gains and losses, non-capital losses, investment tax credits, allowable business investment losses, capital gains deductions and tuition credits.

Access Your Statement of Account and Account Balances

Through My Account, you can instantly view your current account balance. If you are appealing an account balance, this will also be displayed online as a separate total. You can also check the results of your appeal.

Your statement of account through the portal provides a snapshot of your tax account from the beginning of the last year. This is a convenient and easy way to ensure that your tax account is current and in good standing. Your statement of account includes assessments, reassessments, payments, interest charges incurred and current account balances.

Make Adjustments to Past Returns

Make adjustments to past tax returns directly online through My Account. To make changes, look for the heading Tax Returns, and click on the link to View Returns and Notices of Assessment and Reassessment. Choose the tax year you’d like to make an adjustment for. On the next page, you’ll see an overview of the tax return you submitted. To make changes, click on the Change This Return link and enter the new amount in the appropriate row. Once the change has been made and accepted, you will receive a notice of reassessment in the mail.

Submit Supporting Documentation

My Account allows you to submit documents online instead of filing or sending in physical paperwork by mail. If the CRA requests supporting tax documents, simply use the portal’s Submit Documents feature. By entering the case number online and selecting the tax year, you can upload the requested tax form directly from your computer.

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