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Ready To Do Your Taxes? This Checklist Will Help

Income… Check

Credits… Check

Tax deductions… Check.

Expenses… Check.

When the time comes to prepare your Canadian personal tax return, it’s very easy to forget a detail or two, which as we all know, can pose significant problems and delay tax refunds.

If you are not using a program like QuickBooks to keep track of your information, and you need to organize your paperwork, then this checklist will help to ensure you have what is needed to prepare your return.

General Information

If you’ve changed your name or marital status or moved since you filed last year’s return, your first step is to ensure your info is correct with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Many of these necessary updates can be made instantly online for CRA MyAccount holders.

Other changes, such as a name change of both your first and last names, require that you contact CRA directly.



Make sure you have;

  • Social Insurance Numbers for you, your spouse, and any dependants (if applicable).
  • Dates of birth for family members.
  • Net income amounts for your spouse and any dependants for whom you’re claiming credits such as the Canada Caregiver Amount.
  • If you plan to accept a tuition transfer, you’ll also need a copy of the student’s return to complete yours.
  • The total amount of instalment payments made to CRA.

If you have capital cost allowance (CCA) balances, or any unused losses or credits you plan to apply, it’s a good idea to have a copy last year’s tax return and your Notice of Assessment nearby.  Or, if you used TurboTax last year to complete your tax return, the CCA amount will be brought forward automatically.


T Slips

  • *T3, Statement of Trust Income Allocations and Designations.
  • *T4, Statement of Remuneration Paid.
  • *T4A, Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income.
  • *T4A(OAS), Statement of Old Age Security.
  • *T4A(P), Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits.
  • *T4E, Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits.
  • *T4RSP, Statement of RRSP Income.
  • *T5007, Statement of Benefits.
  • *T5013, Statement of Partnership Income.
  • *T5013A, Statement of Partnership Income for Tax Shelters and Renounced Resource Expenses.
  • *RC210, Working Income Tax Benefit Advance Payments Statement.

Other Income

  • Tips and gratuities.
  • Rental income.
  • Self-employment income including fishing, farming, small businesses, freelance work, and contractors.
  • Support payments received.
  • Capital Gains including the sale of your principal residence.


  • Receipts for childcare expenses.
  • Union dues not included on your T4 slip.
  • Moving expenses.
  • Form T2200 (completed by your employer) to claim employment expenses.
  • Amounts for carrying charges and interest expenses related to your investments. This includes fees for managing your investments.
  • *RRSP contributions, Home Buyers’ Plan, and Lifelong Learning Plan repayment amounts.
  • Support payments made.
  • *Unused losses.

Expenses & Credits

  • Medical expenses. If you’re claiming any medical expenses for other dependant family members (other than you, your spouse, and your minor children), the dependant’s net income is required.
  • Tuition slips (T2202A, TL11A, TL11B, Tl11C).
  • Tuition amounts received via transfer. You’ll need a few numbers from the transferor’s return.
  • *Unused tuition, education and textbook amounts from previous years.
  • Student loan interest amounts.
  • Home accessibility expenses.
  • Adoption expenses.
  • Personal attendant care expenses.
  • Charitable donations.
  • Receipts for classroom/school supplies (teachers and early childhood educators).

Depending on your province of residence, you may also need a few other amounts for certain provincial credits such as:

  • Rent receipts
  • Property tax amounts
  • RL Slips (Quebec)
  • Seniors’ activity receipts

* If you’re a CRA MyAccount holder, you can import these items directly into your return using CRA’s Auto-fill my return service.

Want to learn more about CRA’s MyAccount? Visit our tax tips page The FACTS about CRA MyAccount.


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