What is a CRA Schedule 11 tax form?

The Schedule 11 tax form is used by students to calculate their student tax deductions on their federal return. It helps them calculate tuition, education, and textbook amounts, the amount they can transfer to a family member, and any unused amount they may be able to carry forward to a future year.

What about unused amounts from a previous year?

If you have an unused amount from a previous year, it will appear on your Notice of Assessment and you can enter it on Schedule 11.

What do I need to claim tuition fees?

As a student in an educational institution in Canada, you receive an official tax receipt or the T2202A tax form document. If you were studying outside Canada, you got the TL11A or the TL11C tax form. If you were a student at a flying school or club, you have been given the TL11B tax form.

What about the education and the textbook amounts?

Please note that in 2017 the federal education and textbook amounts were eliminated, however your individual province might still have credit for you.

Each province has its own S11 schedule. For example, Ontario’s is ON(S11). Québec uses, Schedule T. If you moved from one province to another, please consult the CRA here to know which tax package to use.

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