Did you land your first job? Maybe you’re new to Canada? If you find yourself asking “where can I get a copy of my T4 slip?”, we’ve got you covered.

What exactly is a T4 slip?

The information from the T4 – Statement of Renumeration Paid slip is very important for preparing and filing an accurate tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Not only does it include how much income you earned, but it also shows how much you have contributed to Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and how much tax you’ve already paid for the year. And no one wants to pay more taxes than they need to!

Where does a T4 slip come from?

Each of your employers will issue a T4 slip for your employment for the year. When an employer gives you a T4 slip, they also send a copy of it to the CRA. Employers have until the end of February each year to issue their employees’ T4 slips for the preceding tax year.  Your employer may provide you with a paper copy, either directly or in the mail. Or, they may issue you your T4 electronically, via email or through their online payroll portal.

I haven’t received or can’t find my T4 slip, what should I do?

First, contact your employer and find out if they have issued you the T4 and how it was issued? If your employer did not have your correct mailing address or email address and tried to issue your T4, they may have had the mail returned or the email bounce back. Often times a quick call to your employer or former employer can result in getting a new copy of that T4 in little time!

If you only received a paper copy and have misplaced it, ask your employer for a replacement copy.

You can view and download your T4 slips from your CRA My Account if you’re registered. Keep in mind that not all slips will be available right away as CRA has to process them after the employer sends them in. Here’s a little more information from CRA: Get a copy of your tax slips

Another terrific benefit of being registered with CRA My Account is their Auto-fill my return service. With Auto-fill my return, you can import your T4 slip amounts and other tax info directly into your TurboTax return from the CRA. Make sure to start your registration early as it takes two weeks to receive your pin in order to complete your registration. Check out our Auto-fill my return video that walks you through the process using TurboTax.

Which TurboTax Is Best for You?

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