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Free Downloadable eBook: The Beginners Guide to Self-Employed Tax Preparation

Being your own boss has its advantages.

If you’re making the jump from employee to self-employed, or considering adding self-employed income to supplement your regular earnings, then you need to know that your tax situation is going to change.  In addition to your regular tax filings, you will need to include Self-Employed tax information, and we want you to know it’s not that difficult.

This eBook is going to help you understand the impact this change will have when it comes to your taxes, and we have provided helpful tips about how to properly report your income, and minimize your taxes owed, and how to do so using our online TurboTax Self-Employed product.

Click the link below, and get ready to see how easy it is to complete your taxes.

Note as of March 17, 2020 – with the current situation the deadlines for the 2019 income tax filings and taxes payable have been changed after the publication of this e-book.  Please refer to our blog HERE for the most up to date details.

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