Keeping your family organized throughout the year is challenging, but accessing your family’s tax information doesn’t have to be. By using the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account online service, you can access your tax credits, view GST/HST payments and even become an authorized representative for your children.

Tax Credits

When you are receiving multiple tax credits throughout the year, you may not remember the dates that certain credits are paid out. By logging into the CRA My Account portal, you can easily access this and other relevant information. By clicking on the Benefits and Credits tab in your CRA My Account, you can view all of the credits that you are eligible for. Here, you can verify both the amount of money to be received and the date on which it will be sent out.

You can access the following credits on this page:

  • Ontario Trillium Benefit
  • GST/HST Credit
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit
  • Universal Child Care Benefit
  • Working Income Tax Benefit
  • Disability Tax Credit

By clicking the Overview link, you can also see whether your payments are pending or have been processed. By clicking on the link for each individual credit, you can view all payments that were issued in the prior tax year, as well as all upcoming payments. My Account allows you to determine if you were issued a cheque and didn’t receive it, too.

If you discover that you have lost a cheque, you can simply call the CRA and ask for the cheque to be reissued. Also, if you find a cheque that you had previously misplaced, remember that government issued cheques do not expire, and therefore, cannot be stale dated. You can deposit a government cheque at any time.

Authorize a Representative

If your child moves away for college or university, you may find yourself completing his income tax return on his behalf. Additionally, your child may not have his T4 slips and other tax information organized for filing. To make this process easier, use the CRA My Account to access your child’s tax information.

Complete T1013 tax form in order to gain access to your child’s income tax information. Be sure to select Section A when completing the form, as it will grant you access by telephone, in person, in writing and online. Once signed, mail this form to your designated tax centre. You can determine your tax centre by reviewing your Notice of Assessment, as it will indicate your tax centre on the top right corner.

Once approved, your child’s tax information will be accessible to you when you log into the CRA My Account portal. You can review any tax slips that were issued to him, as well as other applicable tax credits. When the time comes, your child can cancel your authorization via CRA My Account or by mail.

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