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T2202A Tax Form: Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts Certificate

What is the T2202A tax form?

The T2202A tax form is the Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate.

Who is the T2202A tax form designed for?

The T2202A tax form is used for three purposes:

  • Part 1: student (and potential student tax deductions)
  • Part 2: designated individual
  • Part 3: educational institution

Do you have to include the T2202A tax form with your income tax return?

No you don’t but keep it in case the CRA asks to see it. A Schedule 11 tax form is what you include with your income tax return.

For more information, check the CRA website. Another helpful publication is the CRA’s Pamphlet P105, Students and Income Tax.

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