It is very satisfying to file your Canadian personal (T1) tax return and receiving a refund.  You spent an entire year keeping every receipt, reading tax blog posts, checking your CRA MyAccount, tracking mileage, and then putting it all together in the same place to file your taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Then you realize that you might have missed a deduction or tax credit last year.  Now you have to amend your tax return to claim the deduction, or forget about it entirely.  Either way, after all the time and effort spent to make sure that your tax filing went off without any issues, that one oversight can nag at you for the entire year.

If only there was an opportunity for a tax expert with an average of 17-years of Canadian Tax Preparation experience to assist with the preparation of your tax return or review it before you click send and off it goes to the CRA.

I Have a Tax Question. Can You Help Me?

How about someone who could assist by answering questions, no matter how “unusual” you might think they are.

Here’s what TurboTax can do for you:

With our  Live Assist and Review you get the opportunity to speak with a live tax expert, right on your screen to help you out with your taxes and review your return, line-by-line to ensure that you are filing with confidence, knowing you can get back the maximum refund or pay the least amount of taxes.

This is an easier way to get your taxes done!

When there are changes in your life – good and not so good – such as a new job, new baby, death in the family, we’re always here to help.

Live tax advice and a full review are not the only benefits of TurboTax Live Assist and Review.  Other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax experts with an average of 17-years of experience
  • 100% Accurate calculations guaranteed
  • Support – Product support, Technical support and Tax support
  • Maximizing your tax refund, or minimizing your taxes owing
  • Empowerment to continue doing tax returns by working side-by-side with a tax expert
  • Lasting knowledge which you can use to help yourself and your family
  • The flat fee for the service means you can ask as many questions as you’d like at any point in your tax return and take the time you need until the return is perfect and ready to be filed.

If you have more concerns and feel that an expert is needed because it’s just a bit too overwhelming for you; we also have a Full Service Team that is ready and willing to prepare your tax return from beginning to the end. You will provide them with all your slips and specify your fiscal circumstances and they do all the work for you.

If you are Self-Employed, both these services are also offered to you based specifically on that fact alone. Live Assist and Review Self-Employed, our team is ready to help you in any way needed to get you all the credits and deduct all your expenses accordingly. Ensuring maximum refund or minimizing your tax owing. And if you are too busy to do your own taxes this year, leave it up to our Full Service Team* to take the pressure off your shoulders. *TurboTax Live™ Full Service Self-Employed is not available in Québec

TurboTax : We’re always here to help!