The New Year has just arrived and the 2021 tax season is right around the corner. It’s a good time to start going over what your filing options are and what you’ll need as you prepare to file your tax return. No matter how complex your tax situation is, we’re here to make things easier. 

With TurboTax you can file on your own, get help and advice from tax experts, or even have a dedicated expert do your taxes for you, from start to finish. We know that every Canadian has a unique tax situation and there’s no one-size-fits-all. To make sure you’re getting the best there is to offer, we’re always improving our products to give you all the tools and levels of help you need to make the most out of your taxes, no matter what your tax situation is. 

For the 2021 tax year, we are launching an improved lineup of tax filing options catered to your unique needs, guiding you step by step so you feel confident your taxes are done right, and you get every dollar you deserve.

Making sure you get the best tax outcome possible 

The new features we’ve added help ensure you won’t be leaving money on the table this tax season. You get the exact support you need, specifically tailored to your tax situation. 

  • We now guide you step by step, even in TurboTax Free, asking questions about your life then adding the right forms to your return. This way, you don’t have to figure out which forms apply to you on your own, and we can make sure that you don’t miss anything important along the way. 
  • TurboTax Free lets you file simple returns, including employment income, RRSPs, dependents, and other common claim amounts, entirely for free. And new this year, we’ve made it possible to import your prior year’s tax return, and added new features, such as our RRSP Calculator. 
  • We’re also helping Canadians with simple returns to get cost-effective help from a tax expert with our new TurboTax Live Assist & Review Basic and Full Service Basic products, at an accessible and competitive price than the assisted tax filing options we offered last year.
  • We’ve added 2 new Full Service products to provide you with a better tax experience, with a dedicated tax expert preparing your return for you. The prices and process have been adjusted to your unique tax situation, so you’re always getting exactly the kind of help you need. *Not available in QC
  • SmartLook is now available for our Desktop products as well and lets you connect with one of our support agents to view your screen using one-way video providing direct assistance with what you’re working on.

Get the tax support you deserve 

TurboTax products are tailored to your tax situation and how much help you need while filing your taxes. To find the right version of TurboTax for you:

Step 1: decide what level of tax filing help you want

Whether you’re filing on your own, with expert help or handing off your taxes, we’ve got you covered. We offer three different levels of help across all our products:

  • TurboTax Online makes it easy to securely file your tax return, from start to finish, on any device. With the flexibility and convenience of the TurboTax Mobile App, you can fill out your return anywhere, anytime. Just answer simple questions, and we’ll guide you through filing your taxes.
  • With TurboTax Live Assist & Review, you get unlimited guidance from one of our TurboTax experts to answer all your questions. After you’re done, your tax expert will review your return one line at a time, so that nothing is missed. You can file with full confidence knowing that your return is 100% accurate.
  • With TurboTax Live Full Service, you hand over your taxes to a TurboTax expert to prep and file. Just set up your account, authorize us to get your tax slips and we’ll match you with the right tax expert who will prepare your return from start to finish, claiming all your credits and deductions and getting you the best possible outcome.

Step 2: determine what complexity level you fall into based on what you need to report on your return

Whether your tax situation is simple or more complex, TurboTax does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We guide you along the way, finding all the right forms for you and automatically searching 400+ deductions and credits that you may be eligible for so you feel confident your taxes are done right, and you get every dollar you deserve.

 Ideal for
Free/Basicsimple returns, including employment income, RRSPs, dependents, student credits and COVID-19 benefits
Deluxemaximizing credits and deductions with slightly more complex tax situations, such as medical expenses and donations
PremierInvestors with income from stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, rental property, capital gains and losses, and foreign income
Self-EmployedCanadians with both personal and business income & expenses, including small business, side gigs, and anything in between

Free for 25 and under

Are you 25 or under? If so, did you know that you can now file your taxes completely for free?

The best part about it is that it doesn’t matter how simple or complex your tax needs are this year. All TurboTax product options are free —we will direct you to the right version based on your tax situation. You can also upgrade to TurboTax Live Assist & Review or Full Service at no extra cost. 

Unsure which filing option is right for you? TurboTax can help.

No matter how complex your tax situation is, we’re here to make things easier.