We asked Canadians “What did you make this year?”

This year, motorcyclist and business owner, Richelle Trelenberg made a whole new welcoming environment for the motorcycle community. Richlelle grew up in a motorcycling family; her father used to build bikes and her godfather owned Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

This early exposure to the world of two wheels sparked her interest in the field and quickly became her passion. She used her individuality as a driving force to create an empowering space for everyone in the motorcycle industry—no matter their sex, gender, background.

 Richelle now runs an inclusive mobile motorcycle shop in Vancouver, BC. 

This story is part of a series to highlight building a life that you’re proud of and honouring the lives that people make for themselves outside of their finances.

To follow this series, click here to watch the rest of the collection. 

What did you make this year?

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