Add TurboTax Audit Defence to TurboTax Business Incorporated

Concerned about a business tax audit? Add Audit Defence, and get a tax pro on your side in the event of an audit.

Because even accurate tax returns may get audited.

No matter how you complete your business taxes, there's always a chance that the CRA may audit your return. That's why TurboTax is now offering Audit Defence by Canada Tax Resources, Inc. to people who use TurboTax Business Incorporated for their business taxes.

With Audit Defence, you'll get the peace of mind that comes with full-service representation by a tax specialist... so you never have to meet with the CRA alone. The Audit Defence tax specialist will not only represent your business in the case of a corporate tax audit but will also help you though pre- and post-assessment reviews of your T2 corporate tax return and of any of your supporting documents.

Ready to add Audit Defence?
Adding it is easy. After you purchased TurboTax Business Incorporated, you can choose the Audit Defence option from within the product. Just follow the on-screen prompts.

Using TurboTax personal tax products?
We've got you covered. Click here to learn about Audit Defence and TurboTax personal online and desktop tax software.

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Business Tax Audit Canada - Incorporated Businesses
One Low Fee

One Flat Fee of $49.99/Return Can Guarantee You the Expertise You Need to Fight a Business Tax Audit.

An audit is more than a hassle. It's more than an inconvenience or a source of stress. In fact, for any Canadian who's been audited by the CRA, the very idea of a business tax audit can wake you up in the middle of the night and cause you to dread checking the mail after you file your taxes.

That's why TurboTax decided to work with a trustworthy third party to create a solution that gives you the peace of mind - and expertise - you really need if you get audited. We chose to work with Canada TaxResources Inc., the oldest and largest tax audit defence company in North America with a history of defending Canadian taxpayers through business tax audits since 1988. And we've worked hard to keep the prices low for this service... so many Canadian businesses with complex tax situations should have no problem adding Audit Defence.

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Business Tax Audit Canada - Incorporated Businesses

More than peace of mind.

TurboTax Audit Defence puts experienced reps in your corner.

Audit Defence representatives are experts in working with the CRA and defending taxpayers from tax agencies. If your business gets audited, your rep will:

  • Work on your behalf to defend your business return to the CRA - through the highest level of appeals
  • Review your tax return for problem areas, and review your related documents
  • Correspond with the CRA for you
  • Schedule & attend all audit appointments with you

Even if your business is not audited but you receive correspondence from the CRA, simply call up Canada TaxResources Inc., and they'll help you make sense of your position.

Business Tax Audit Canada - Incorporated Businesses

Why Would the CRA Audit You?

In Canada, we have a tax system that's based on self-assessment of income & expenses... which keeps you in-the-know and more in control of your tax return, but which also means that the CRA needs to review tax receipts from time to time.

The CRA does routine and 'red flag' tax audits - so some tax audits are just impossible to avoid. Filing your return honestly and using TurboTax Business Incorporated to check your return for errors is a big step towards protecting you in the case you do get audited randomly.

NOTE: Audit Defence is not available to residents of Québec.

Business Tax Audit Canada

Praise for Canada TaxResources Inc., Providers of Audit Defence.

"Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your expertise in handling our audit earlier this year. Believe me, I have certainly recommended your agency to my friends. Most of them could not believe that a person could go through a three-year audit and end up not owing a cent to the government's money managers!"