Tax filing for New to Canada

Stress-free tax filing for newcomers to Canada

Immigrants, new permanent residents, international students and people on work visas have a lot to navigate as new Canadians. Our tax experts understand the tax implications of coming to Canada and can do the work for you to guarantee you file your taxes right.

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What do newcomers to Canada need to know about filing taxes?

Your first year tax obligation

If you have a home, a spouse or common-law partner, or dependents in Canada, you are considered a resident for tax purposes in Canada by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This means you should file your taxes for the entire year or part of the tax year you’ve lived in Canada.

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The amount you are paying on your taxes

The amount you have to pay on your Canadian taxes depends on your total income, your deductions, and your family situation as well as what province you are in.

Get a free tax estimate by using our income tax calculator.

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Tax filing deadlines

The tax filing deadline is April 30 of every year. If April 30 falls on a weekend, the CRA extends the deadline to the following business day. If you’re self-employed, the deadline is June 15th. Filing late will make you liable for penalties and interest on your amount owing for that tax year.

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Questions and answers

Your tax obligations depend on your residency status. If you stay in Canada for 183 days or more in one tax year, you're a deemed resident of Canada for tax purposes.

You are considered a factual resident of Canada for tax purposes when you’ve established significant residential ties such as:

1. establishing a home in Canada

2. a spouse or common-law partner in Canada

3. dependents in Canada

Newcomers to Canada can’t use NETFILE to file their first Canadian tax return.

However, when the CRA processes your first tax return, you’ll be able to file your taxes online through NETFILE every year afterwards.

As a new Canadian permanent resident, you will have to print and mail your first income tax return to the CRA.

A certified tax preparer can submit your tax return online on your behalf.

After the CRA has assessed your first return, you can register for CRA My Account to help keep track of your tax information in one convenient location.

Depending on your own tax situation and family structure, you may be eligible for a number of tax breaks. Possible credits & benefits for newcomers to Canada include:

1. Canada child benefit

2. Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit

3. Provincial and territorial benefits and credits

First time filing taxes in Canada? Let us do the work for you.

As a new Canadian, taxes can be stressful. Handoff your tax work to us and we’ll do it for you.