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File your personal and self-employment taxes online

TurboTax Self-Employed
  • Answer easy questions about your income & expenses
  • Claim self-employment deductions for your unique work situation
  • Maximize self-employment deductions across diverse industries
  • NEW Track expenses in real time with QuickBooks Self-Employed now included with TurboTax Self-Employed2
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New Do it with help

Get tax advice and a final review of your return from an expert

New TurboTax Live Assist & Review Self-Employed

    Everything in TurboTax Self-Employed, plus:

  • Unlimited access to real experts to help with your taxes
  • We'll help you get every deduction you quality for
  • Your tax return will be reviewed line by line to make sure your taxes are done right
  • New Track expenses in real time with QuickBooks Self-Employed now included with TurboTax Self-Employed.2
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Our TurboTax Live Experts can prepare, optimize, and file your taxes for you

New TurboTax Live Full Service Self-Employed
  • Free up more time for your work
  • We'll defend your tax return to the CRA in case of an audit
  • We've got it all covered, from your income tax to your GST/HST return
  • Always one price, guaranteed
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Experience with filing self-employed tax returns and expertise in finding specific expenses based on different self-employed categories

Comprehensive review over the phone before your return is filed

Experts available all year round for all tax needs, including audit support and assistance

Data encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your information when your information is sent to the CRA

Available only in English across all provinces in Canada, except Quebec. QST returns not included.

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Maximize self-employment deductions across diverse industries

Maximize self-employment deductions across diverse industries


Get QuickBooks Self-Employed for free when you file your taxes

Save time and make managing your self-employed expenses easier all year with complimentary effortless expense tracking, automatic mileage tracking, and simple receipt capture from QuickBooks Self-Employed.

Lower your taxes owed by claiming every eligible business expense

Security is built into everything we do

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file your taxes confidently.

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Support when you need it

Find the answers you’re looking for on TurboTax Community with experts and community members.

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Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Get your maximum refund

If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax preparation method, we’ll refund the TurboTax purchase price.5

NETFILE certified

Your tax return is securely submitted directly to the CRA with just one click. You'll get your refund fast - in as few as 8 business days.6
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100% accurate

Our calculations are 100% accurate and your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we'll reimburse you any CRA penalties.7

Data protection

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file your taxes confidently.

Questions and Answers

Yes. Our TurboTax Self-Employed edition is ideal for people with self-employment income. It has all the expert step-by-step guidance you need to help find every self-employment credit and deduction you deserve.

No. TurboTax Self-Employed is for people whose business income needs to be reported on their personal (T1) tax return. If your business is incorporated, you need to prepare a personal return for yourself and a separate corporate return (T2) for your business. TurboTax Self-Employed is a great fit for your personal return and for your corporate return, check out incorporated business edition, TurboTax Business Incorporated.

Absolutely. TurboTax Self-Employed is the right choice for people with employment income and self-employment income.

For sure! TurboTax Self-Employed includes an expert business interview that asks you straightforward questions to help you uncover every credits and deduction you deserve.

Yes. TurboTax Online runs in your web browser, so any device with a current web browser will work. Unfortunately, TurboTax is not responsive, so you may have to scroll on devices with smaller screens to see everything.

TurboTax Online runs in most current web browsers. For details see our TurboTax Online system requirements FAQ.

Yes! Our TurboTax Online editions are perfect for Mac users because they run in the web browser of your choice

TurboTax supports all provinces (and territories!). All editions of TurboTax include all the forms and schedules you need to complete and file your federal and provincial returns via NETFILE and NetFile Québec.

Claim every deduction and keep more of your hard earned money. Whether you’re a sole proprietorship, a small business owner, or have a corporation and need help calculating your corporate income tax or figuring out the corporate tax rate, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you navigate through forms like T2125 and T4A, and give you live on-demand assistance with your tax return, so you’re never stuck. We’ll also help you find ways you can potentially reduce the income tax you pay on business earnings. You can also file both your business and income tax return together. You can choose three ways to do your taxes: do your taxes yourself and easily prepare and file online, or choose to get unlimited tax advice from real tax experts and a professional review before you file it yourself, or get a tax expert to do your tax return completely for you from start to finish. No matter your tax situation or level of tax knowledge, we’ll help you get every deduction you qualify for and make sure your self-employment taxes are done right.