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Nova Scotia – Provincial Tax Brackets, Tax Rates, and Credits

Nova Scotia’s famous landmark, the Old Town Clock, has been keeping time since 1803. That’s a century before Canadian personal income taxes were introduced!

Nova Scotia has a tax system similar to other Canadian provinces. Many of the provincial taxes and credits for residents of Nova Scotia compliment similar credits at the federal level, but there are some unique credits for residents of Nova Scotia.

Progressive Tax Rate Structure

As with most provinces, Nova Scotia uses a progressive tax structure.

The tax brackets increase each year, based on inflation. Visit the government of Nova Scotia’s Personal Income Tax page for this year’s tax bracket rates.

Nova Scotia’s Income Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2019:

  • 8.79% on the first $29,590 of taxable income, plus
  • 14.95% on the portion over $29,590 up to $59,180, plus
  • 16.67% on the portion over $59,180 up to $93,000, plus
  • 17.5% on the portion over $93,000 up to $150,000, plus
  • 21% on the portion of taxable income over $150,00

Nova Scotia’s Tax Credits

  • Affordable Living Tax Credit and Poverty Reduction Credit: Residents with low-income may qualify for this nonrefundable credit. The amount you receive depends on your family make-up. Learn more.

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