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Québec Tax Brackets, Tax Rates and Popular Credits

It’s the home of the artful and athletic Cirque du Soleil, and also the tasty but mostly unhealthy poutine. Québec: the province with a little something for everyone!

Québec has a tax system similar to other Canadian provinces. Many of the provincial taxes and credits for residents of Québec compliment similar credits at the federal level, but there are many unique credits for residents of Québec.

Progressive Tax Rate Structure

As with most provinces, Québec uses a progressive tax structure. The tax brackets increase each year, based on inflation. Visit Revenu Québec’s Income Tax Rates page for this year’s tax bracket rates.

Québec’s Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2019

  • 15%: first $43,790
  • 20%: over $43,791 up to $87,575
  • 24%: over $87,576 up to $106,555
  • 25.75%: over $106,555

Québec Credits

  • Solidarity Tax Credit: This is a credit for low and middle-income families. Your income and family make-up help determine your eligibility. Learn more.
  • RénoVert Tax Credit: This credit encourages eco-friendly renovation. If updated your home to make is more energy efficient, this credit is for you. Learn more.
  • Tax Credit for Top – Level Athletes: If you are recognized as a top-level athlete by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur and resided in Québec on Dec 31, you can claim this refundable credit. Learn more.

For more details on the available credits for Québec residents, please click here.

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