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Saskatchewan Tax Brackets and Credits 2018

You probably know Saskatchewan is well known for its wheat exports. But did you know it’s also where the first ATM machines were made and used in Canada?

Saskatchewan has a tax system similar to other Canadian provinces. Many of the provincial taxes and credits for residents of Saskatchewan compliment similar credits at the federal level, but there are many unique credits for residents of Saskatchewan.

Progressive Tax Rate Structure

As with most provinces, Saskatchewan uses a progressive tax structure.

The tax brackets increase each year, based on inflation. Visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s Income Tax Rates page for this year’s tax bracket rates.

Saskatchewan’s Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2018

  • 10.75%: first $45,225
  • 12.75%: over $45,226 up to $83,989
  • 14.75%: over $83,989

Saskatchewan Credits

  • Saskatchewan Low-Income Tax Credit: The amount of this fully refundable credit for lower income residents varied based on your income and family make-up. Learn more.
  • Employees’ Tool Tax Credit: If you had expenses associated with buying, replacing or upgrading tools for work, this credit might be for you. Learn more.

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