If you are an apprentice mechanic and you qualify to make the tradesperson’s deduction for tools, you may also qualify for an additional deduction. To qualify for this additional employment expense deduction, you must have purchased the tools to tools in order to earn income as an apprentice mechanic. You have to be registered in a program established under the laws of Canada that leads to earning a license to repair self-propelled motorized vehicles. You also have to be employed as an apprentice mechanic.

Additionally, your employer must complete a form T2200 in order to qualify for this deduction. You don’t need to attach this form with your tax return, however, you will need to fill the T777, Statement of Employment Expenses, and file it with your income tax return. Claim the total expenses on line 22900 of your income tax and benefit return.

The eligible tools you can claim under the apprentice mechanic employment must be bought specifically for your job and have not been used before. Your employer has to certify that you need the tools to perform your job. Unless you are using measuring and calculating tools, these tools cannot be communications devices or electronic data processing equipment.

Apprentice mechanics can claim the tradesperson deductions and additional deductions for apprentice mechanics. Calculate your eligible expenses as a tradesperson and claim them on line 1771 of the T777 form, then calculate the apprentice mechanic tools expenses and claim them on line 9131 of the T777 form.

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