CRA & Revenu Québec

Tax Tip: How to Check Your Refund Status

Sometimes, waiting really is the hardest part; especially if you’re waiting for your tax refund. Fortunately, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a couple of ways to check your refund status.

CRA My Account

If you’re a CRA My Account holder, checking on your refund is quick and easy. Simply log into your account. The Welcome page shows when your return was received and, if your return has been processed, the date your refund will be issued. For more in-depth info, click on the Tax Returns tab.


Telerefund is an automated phone service provided by CRA. To find out the status of your refund, you’ll enter info over the phone. To use Telerefund, you’ll need your Social Insurance Number, date of birth, and the amount listed on line 150 of your return.

Processing Times

The average processing time for returns submitted via NETFILE is 2 weeks. Paper filers can expect to wait about 8 weeks to have their returns processed.