Income Tax Tips for Canadian Taxpayers

Income Tax Tips for Canadian Taxpayers

Use TurboTax this year - tax tips are built right in!

Income Tax Tips for Canadian Taxpayers

A huge team of tax analysts and specialists in Canadian taxes help build TurboTax every year - so it's chock full of the deduction-maximizing tips Canadians depend on us for. Whether you use TurboTax or do your taxes yourself, check out these great income tips to help you:

  • Avoid claiming credits that don't apply to you
  • Ensure you're getting the most out of the credits that you can claim
  • Prepare your taxes accurately
Income Tax Tips | Tax Help Videos

Find Out What's New this Year, or View Established Tax Tips in Canada.

Show  Use a tax free savings account (TFSA)... and earn income without paying tax.

Show  Optimize your pension income by splitting it with your partner.

Show  Realize capital losses in 2010.

Show  File a return - no matter what.

Show  Claim your charitable donations wisely.

Show  NEW TIP: Use an RESP for long-term planning, not tax deductions.

Show  Claim those medical expenses.

Show  Contribute to your RRSP.

Show  Know who should make the RRSP contributions.

Show  Renting out part of your house? Get the facts.

Show  Know the facts about dependants and family tax credits.

Show  Benefit from the cost of education.

Show  Make paying back those student loans a little easier.

Show  Time your move to another province.

Show  Plan your borrowing (business and investments).

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