Taxes done easier with Auto-fill My Return

Get a jumpstart on your taxes by automatically importing your current year slip info directly into your TurboTax return from the CRA.

CRA Auto-fill My Return CRA Auto-fill My Return

Get your tax refund in less time, less effort and with 100% accuracy

Say good-bye to waiting for your slips to arrive in the mail. You can now auto-fill your tax return with slip information like your T4s, T3s, T5s and more. Auto-Fill My Return is easy, accurate and secure.

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Importing your data with CRA Auto-fill My Return!
How to access Auto-fill My Return

Register for a CRA My Account

To access Auto-fill My Return, you need to register for a CRA My Account. Once you're registered, simply start TurboTax to access your CRA My Account and your available slip information. TurboTax will guide you through it!

You'll need the following...

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Current postal code
  • Your previous tax return
Already have a CRA My Account?

Get notified when your tax slips are available from the CRA

Thank you! We will send you an email notification to remind you to access your available slip information from the CRA.


TurboTax guarantees you can be sure of

TurboTax guarantees you can be sure of

Your maximum refund

We guarantee you'll get your maximum refund.1 It’s as easy as that.

100% accurate

Our calculations are 100% accurate and your taxes will be done right, guaranteed.2

Safe and secure

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file with confidence.