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TurboTax Standard - CRA Certified Tax Software

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Maximize your tax deductions and keep more of your money

TurboTax Standard can help you find and claim more than 400 credits and deductions, including

Tuition costs
Childcare expenses
RRSP contributions
Pension splitting
Medical expenses

Your taxes done right - guaranteed

Your taxes done right - guaranteed

If you get a better return elsewhere, we’ll refund the TurboTax purchase price.1

Your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we'll reimburse you any CRA penalties.2

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file your taxes confidently.

Your security. Built into everything we do.

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System Requirements

What are the system requirements for TurboTax Online?

You can access TurboTax Online using any of the browsers from the list below.

On Microsoft Windows, use any browser from the list below to access TurboTax Online:

  • Google Chrome 35 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows XP and Vista users: Since Internet Explorer 11 is not available for your operating systems, download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access TurboTax Online from your computer.

On Mac OS X, use any browser from the list below to access TurboTax Online:

  • Google Chrome 35 or higher
  • Apple Safari 5.0.4 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 or higher
  • Note that only Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later is supported.

Important: If you disabled cookies or JavaScript in your browser, you will need to enable it. Also, if you want to print your tax return, you need Adobe Reader or a suitable alternative to view and print PDF files.

Questions and Answers

Yes. TurboTax Online runs in your web browser, so any device with a current web browser will work. Unfortunately, TurboTax is not responsive, so you may have to scroll on devices with smaller screens to see everything.

TurboTax Online runs in most current web browsers. For details see our TurboTax Online system requirements FAQ.

Yes! Our TurboTax Online editions are perfect for Mac users because they run in the web browser of your choice.

TurboTax supports all provinces (and territories!). All editions of TurboTax include all the forms and schedules you need to complete and file your federal and provincial returns via NETFILE and NetFile Québec.

Absolutely. Our TurboTax Free edition has all the forms and schedules you need to prepare and file a complete and accurate return.

Yes. Our TurboTax Self-Employed edition is ideal for people with self-employment income. It has all the expert step-by-step guidance you need to help find every self-employment credit and deduction you deserve.

You can prepare up to 20 returns in your TurboTax Online account. With TurboTax Online, you pay per return and can choose to use different editions, up to a total of 20 returns.

Yes! TurboTax Standard is a great option for students because it includes step-by-step guidance for claiming the tuition amount and other student credits with ease.

TurboTax Standard is a great choice for first-time filers. It asks you questions in straightforward language and guides your through your return step-by-step.

All of the following reviews have been submitted by actual customers who have used TurboTax Standard Online to file their taxes.

All the help you need to get the refund you deserve

On-demand assistance

Ask a live TurboTax specialist any question about your tax return

Expert guidance

Help with tuition, RRSP income, contributions, and family benefits

Comprehensive review

Your tax return will be double-checked for errors and accuracy

Step by step process

Asks you simple questions and then organizes the info you need to enter

More credits

Automatically searches 400+ credits and deductions that you qualify for

Tax Return Access

Store digital copies of your tax returns from up to 7 previous years

Medical expenses

Guidance and optimization for all of your medical expenses

Optimized RRSPs

Automatic calculations to optimize your RRSP contributions

Dependant credits

Helps you find and claim all of the family benefits you’re entitled to