Tax filing for students

Easy tax filing for all students

Whether you’re a first-year college student, an international student, or a parent going back to school, we’ll help you get your maximum refund this tax season*.

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What do you need to know to file your taxes as a student?

Claim your tuition

Post secondary school can be expensive. If you’re eligible for the tuition tax credit, it can reduce the amount of tax you have to pay, or even cover it completely and help you get a tax refund.


Transfer unused tuition credits

A portion of your unused tuition tax credit can be transferred to a spouse, common law partner, parent or grandparent, or carried forward to the next year.

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Deduct moving expenses

Moved more than 40km for school? Your moving expenses can be claimed for the move to school and back home at the end of the school year.


Take advantage of student tax benefits

If you don't make enough money to owe taxes to the government, you might still be eligible for deductions, benefits and credits that could result in a tax refund. You could even get extra benefit payments like the GST/HST credit.

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Why students file their taxes with us

"Very easy to use"

As a student who has no idea how to do adulting; it was my first time filing tax by myself and TurboTax Online (Free) was very easy to use.

Jo from Vancouver, BC

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How to file your taxes as a student

Do it myself

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Do it with expert help

With unlimited help and guidance, you’ve got a tax expert you can connect with whenever you want.

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Tax Information for International Students in Canada

Frequently asked questions for student tax filing

Any student, over the age of 16, who is enrolled at an accredited post-secondary school in Canada can claim the tuition tax credit on their tax return.

Depending on your situation, you might be able to deduct the following school expenses

  • Moving expenses
  • Tuition amounts
  • Cost of identification card
  • Examination fees
  • Admission fees
  • Tutoring expenses (For students with a learning disability)
  • Interest paid on your student loans
  • Child and family benefits
  • Childcare expenses
  • Canada employment amounts

Many full-time students don’t make enough income to owe the government any money, but the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers a range of deductions, benefits and credits that students can only take advantage of when they file their tax return.

If there is any amount left over after you have claimed the tuition tax credit, you can either transfer it to your parent (or spouse, common law partner, or grandparent), or you can carry it forward to use in a future year.

All money you receive for work – occasional, part-time, or full time – is considered employment income. This includes salaries as well as any tips you collect. Make sure to include any money you made from teaching and/or research assistantships and summer jobs as well when you file your tax return.

Yes, students have to pay income tax on any money they make from co-op placements or internships.

When you repay your student loans, you are able to claim the interest as a non-refundable tax credit.

Interest on student loans can only be claimed if you received the loan under:

  • the Canada Student Loans Act
  • the Canada Student Financial Assistance Act
  • the Apprentice Loans Act
  • similar provincial or territorial government law.

The following financial awards for students qualify for the scholarship exemption and are considered non-taxable:

  • scholarships
  • awards
  • bursaries
  • fellowships

The scholarship exemption only applies when it is directly related to the full-time program in which the student is enrolled.

If you earned income in Canada, or if you want to claim a tax refund or credits, then you need to file a tax return with the CRA. Your filing requirements and credit and benefit eligibility as an international student depends on residency status.

International students who are considered residents of Canada are eligible for a number of credits and benefits such as the GST/HST credit and tuition tax credit