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2019 Provincial Tax Brackets: Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

Tax brackets for 2019
  • 5.9% on the first $42,209 of taxable income, plus
  • 8.6% on the portion of taxable income more than $42,209, but not more than $84,420, plus
  • 12.2% on the portion of taxable income more than $84,420, but not more than $137,248, plus
  • 14.05% of taxable income over $137,248

Non-refundable tax credits and other credits

Northwest Territories offers the following credits to further reduce your amount of territorial tax payable:

Northwest Territories Credit

Northwest Territories also offers the following credit:

Did you know?

NWT residents are required by the NWT Income Tax Act and the federal Income Tax Act to pay both federal and territorial personal income tax on all income earned both inside and outside Canada.

NWT income tax brackets and credit amounts are indexed annually using the federal index factor.

You only need to file one return to the Canada Revenue Agency for both the federal and territorial income tax.