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3 Smart Ways to Excel at Your On-Demand Gig

When it comes to service, going above and beyond is what leaves a lasting impression. Better service often means better business and it’s always the small details that make the biggest difference. We’ve put together 3 smart ways to excel at your on-demand gig that can make your business go from good to great.

It Pays to be Polite

If you’re offering a service that is customer-facing, it’s always worthwhile to show exceptional manners – everyone generally appreciates a polite and friendly treatment, and it goes a long to make that extra effort. This could include simple things like greeting your customers with a smile, being ready to listen to their suggestions and comments, and making punctuality a top priority.

Learn More, Earn More

If you really want to understand what your customers are looking for (or complaining about), try becoming a customer before your become a provider. Take a ride-sharing service for a spin and ask the driver questions about common issues and challenges they might face, or join an online discussion group about a different business from the on-demand industry. Arming yourself with knowledge about the service you’re providing will definitely pay off.

Go the Extra Mile

Getting more than you paid for is a wonderful surprise, and may often lead to repeat business. Part of the on-demand experience is the convenience, which is why it’s always appreciated when you’re wowed by minor upgrades here and there. For instance, if you’re a ride-share driver, offering your customers water, gum, snacks and their choice of music will do wonders for your ratings. If you’re renting out your space in your home on a short-term basis, then features like fresh linen, fast Wi-Fi, and a well-stocked fridge will have your customers coming back for more.

Think of these extras as an investment into your business. Not only will your customers’ experience improve, you may be able to write off the expense on your annual tax return. Snacks and drinks you provide to your ride-share customers are tax-deductible expenses. If you provide your rental guests with a welcome basket full of small toiletries, maps, or bottled water, keep your receipts  for tax time.

You know that you’re already doing great at your gig, so why not incorporate a few upgrades to your business in order to ensure that your service is truly stellar?