4 Tips For Students Filing A Tax Return With Free Software

If you’re a student, you’ve got enough on your mind without having to worry about messing-up your tax return or missing-out on your refund. That’s why TurboTax is here for you! Our easy-to-use software will walk you through your taxes so you don’t have to worry about getting your taxes done right (or worry about asking mom and dad to do your taxes for you!). And, we’ve even got a totally, 100% FREE version!

Don’t Forget to File

You may think there’s no need to file because you didn’t work in the current tax year and you have no income to report. Here’s the thing – if you don’t file, you may miss out on benefits you’re eligible for, like the GST/HST credit. If you have kids, you may want to apply for a child tax credit. You are required to file if you have unpaid amounts from withdrawals on your registered retirement savings plan or you received advanced payments from a working income tax benefit.

Deduct Tuition

Did you know there’s a tax deduction for tuition?

Be sure to get your official tax receipt from your school that indicates what portion of your tuition can be reported on your tax return. The facility must be a post-secondary institution or certified by Employment and Social Development Canada. Enter the total eligible tuition fee on line 2 of Schedule 11 in the software’s tax preparation format.

This amount can include:

  • admission fees
  • library charges
  • academic fees
  • membership or seminar fees related to your program
  • application and examination fees
  • charges for your certificate, diploma or degree

Tuition amounts must be claimed by you even if someone else paid for them. You are allowed to keep enough to offset any taxes you might owe. The rest you can transfer to your parents or spouse to a maximum of $5,000 less the amount of the tuition tax credit you used.

Separate Rent Receipts

If you shared an apartment or house with other students, or rented a dorm room by yourself, you may be able to claim your share of rental expenses via the Ontario Trillium Benefit. However, each student must be issued a rent receipt by his landlord for only his share of the rent.  information on

Claim Transportation Expenses

Did you need to take public transit to get around? You can claim your transit pass or electronic payment card up until June 30, 2017 (when the credit was cancelled). Just be sure to hold onto your receipts.

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