Tax Tips for Parents of Kids with Disabilities

There are many credits and benefits available for children with severe and prolonged disabilities. These can range from severe vision or hearing impairments, to autism, and mobility restrictions. In order to claim or apply for these programs and credits, the first step is to meet with your child’s doctor or other medical practitioner to discuss […]

Got kids? Get cash back at tax time

A number of new tax laws have been put in place for tax year 2015. Although no new credits for children have been announced, some existing credits have been updated or given a facelift. Here’s what new tax-wise for families this year. Children’s Fitness Credit – lines 458 and 459 Although it’s been around for […]

Your Kids Can Pay Off at Tax Time

By Sean Cooper Your kids can make you eligible for several tax-saving credits, deductions and benefits beginning in 2014. Let’s face it, raising children is an expensive proposition. From food, clothing and child care when they’re younger to education and automobiles when they get older, it can all add up by the time they fly […]

Talking to your Kids about Taxes: Young kids & Pre-teens

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA As we finally say goodbye to winter and welcome in spring, there is another short season most of us will encounter: tax season. This is the time of year when we’re busy gathering and organizing our tax information in anticipation of the April 30 filing deadline. I stay on top […]

Get the Most Out of Your Spouse, Kids and Parents at Tax Time: Maximizing Dependant and Spousal-Based Deductions

Combing over your income tax looking for every possible deduction? Don’t forget about the people around you – your family! Spouses, children, aging parents – they’re all sources of potential tax deductions that can pump up your refund. Here are some of the most common family-related deductions that you may be able to take: Spouse […]

More Credits? The Kids are All Right

How about one more post from our second annual Tax Credit Census? Many tax credits are geared towards helping kids grow up smart and healthy, and families across Canada are taking advantage of these – to varying degrees, of course. Children’s physical fitness: Calgarians may prefer their cars to the bus or bike, but their […]

Caring for kids merits tax credits

Giving kids proper care can be a costly for parents. Many parents work full time or continue their education in order to ensure they can provide financially for their families. Yet being away from home may mean they incur extra expenses in babysitters and other care providers. The CRA understands this predicament many parents face. […]

Summer Jobs and Taxes Part 2 – Post-Secondary Students (18 and over)

Whether it’s due to financial need or just for the experience, if your child attends university or college, chances are they’re going to work over the summer. Depending on what type of work your child does, both their tax situation and yours could be greatly impacted next year. Here’s what you need to know. The […]

6 Tips to Help You Save Up for a Vacation

Dreaming of ski slopes, sandy beaches, or historical ruins? Whatever your style, travel is an enriching life experience, but it can be costly.  If you haven’t started saving for your next vacation, now’s the time! With a little imagination, you can beef up your bank account and be ready to hit the road or beach […]