Is Becoming a Landlord Right for You?

Your kids are packing their bags for university residence and all of a sudden, you have a spare bedroom or extra basement space. It sounds like easy money to put your space up for rent, but consider these factors when deciding whether or not it’s a good decision for you. Finding People for Your Space Your […]

Giving and getting: Tax-deductible donations

It’s better to give than to receive but when you can combine both, it’s win-win. Canadians that donate cash or gifts to registered charities are eligible for a tax credit, so we can all feel good about helping others and earn a bonus at tax time. Gifts can include money, property, shares or stocks that […]

Tax Credits for Families: Which Provinces Offer the Best?

There’s no question the cost of raising kids today is high  From childcare to education and everything in between,  it can be a little overwhelming if you break down how much it actually costs to raise a kid to adulthood (and let’s be honest – in many families the purse strings aren’t exactly tightened the minute the […]

Taxes as fun as texting? Well, we can hope.

Texting, IMing, Facebook, Twitter. Yep, it`s the online life of a teenager life. And while their prowess with social media platforms (which seem to appear at a dizzying rate) is something to marvel, this presents a unique opportunity to offer a lesson in financial responsibility: learning how to file taxes online. (Yes, that sounds self-serving, […]