The “Freshman Fifteen” (Dorm Room Essentials, not Pounds!)

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert When my kids went off to university, they both lived in residence their first year. They needed all the basics to set up their rooms, plus some creature comforts, so we started planning and shopping early – before the store shelves got picked over. Unlike unwanted pounds, […]

Financial planning for off-campus university life

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert You made it through your first year of university and survived dorm life. Now you want to rent an apartment or share a house with friends. Living off-campus is an exciting experience that brings a huge sense of independence but can also bring new challenges such as […]

Financial planning for university life

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert (please note, this article reflects the 2015 tax year. Click here for up-to-date information on education-related tax credits) If you are going to university or college in the fall, it’s important to understand all of the costs involved. And although budgeting may not seem like a fun summer […]

Back to school tips and tax savings for parents

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert My kids attended both public and private schools during the elementary, middle and high school years. With every new academic year, came many school-related expenses. If your family is getting ready to send the kids back to school, here are some of the costs you will face. […]

The ins and outs of the capital gains deduction

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert What are capital gains? Think “buy low, sell high.” In the simplest terms, when you sell investments like stocks and bonds, or other capital property like land and buildings, for more than you paid, you realize a capital gain. When you sell them for less than you […]

Reporting business or professional income from a sole proprietorship

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA and Tax Expert What is a sole proprietorship? If, like me, you are the sole owner of an unincorporated business, then you are a sole proprietor. You make all the decisions, receive all the income and claim all the losses. But you also carry all the risk of the business, […]

Rental properties: tax guidelines for landlords

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA, Tax Expert Many Canadians choose to put their money to work by owning property – a house, an apartment building, an office building – and renting it. The guidelines that follow are for landlords who earn rental income from property. (If you’re unsure whether your rental income is income from […]

Making Sense of the New Family Tax Cut

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA, Tax Expert What is it? This tax season, there is a new federal non-refundable tax credit called the Family Tax Cut. It is based on the net decrease in federal tax that would result if up to $50,000 of one person’s taxable income, who is in a higher tax bracket, […]

Talking to your Kids about Taxes: Young kids & Pre-teens

By Robin Taub, CPA, CA As we finally say goodbye to winter and welcome in spring, there is another short season most of us will encounter: tax season. This is the time of year when we’re busy gathering and organizing our tax information in anticipation of the April 30 filing deadline. I stay on top […]