Today marks the launch of season 1 of the original groundbreaking Bet On Yourself Acast podcast series, hosted by all-star Raptors Player Fred VanVleet, alongside his business-savvy mentor and co-host Derek Folk, Chief Operating Officer of Folk Williams Financial Management. As part of the slam-dunk partnership with the Toronto Raptors and the NBA, Intuit TurboTax alongside Intuit QuickBooks, are the official sponsors of the 12-episode series.

The podcast features 12 up-and-coming BIPOC entrepreneurs from different industries who are eager to take their business to the next level. Fred and Derek share their journey and use their expertise to help each entrepreneur improve their business. Each episode is filled to the brim with valuable learnings on several topics including raising capital, gaining mentorship, and overcoming setbacks.

Photo credit: Narisa Ladak / Acast

Before becoming an NBA Champion and the highest-paid undrafted player in NBA history, Fred was considered an underdog. His remarkable story resonates with many fans across Canada and it started because he bet on himself from the beginning. With his new podcast, Fred hopes to inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs to dream big and bet on themselves.

Fred inspiring others to bet on themselves is perfectly aligned with Intuit’s mission to power prosperity and make financial freedom accessible to everyone. Whether you are self-employed, run a small business with employees, or simply need assistance with tax filing, our goal is to increase the financial literacy of podcast listeners and our customers.

To kick off season 1, Fred and Derek sit down with Nate Behar, Ottawa Redblacks Receiver and founder of FireWork. Nate grew up as an athlete and his passion for sports led him to build a digital platform for all kinds of athletes to connect with brands and secure successful partnerships. Throughout the episode, Nate touches on how his experiences from the sports world have helped him develop his business and the importance of being coachable as an entrepreneur.

The second episode features Harprit Gill, a former social worker turned financial guru. Although many people understand how to make money, most people are only exposed to earned income from employment and Harprit is fiercely passionate about teaching financial literacy to her local community. Throughout the episode Harprit discusses all the valuable lessons she learned along her journey, while Fred and his co-host Derek share their golden tips.

In episode 3, Fred and Derek sit down with Shante Bartlett, founder of Baked by Té. Shante’s passion for baking began when she was a little girl, helping her mother in the kitchen with baking Jamaican rum cakes, carrot cakes, spiced buns, and lemon pound cakes. This same passion has led Shante to launch her very own vegan bakery. Throughout the episode she, Fred, and Derek discuss the importance of not only physical capital but also the value of mentorship and learning from the experiences of others.

Next is Veneise George. She was always eager to find quick, easy, and healthy meal options for her family. This led her to creating Yawdi’s signature Jerk Marinade. Today, Yawdi’s is a wide collection of unique and flavourful condiments that have been thoughtfully crafted. In the episode, Veneise shares her story as a wife, mother of two, and busy entrepreneur.

In the fifth episode Ben Corbier, Real Estate professional and business owner, works with a variety of clients in the purchase and sale of private, corporate, recreational, and investment properties. He is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and helping others attain success. In the episode he speaks with Fred and Derek about the challenges he faces as he works to develop a professional development course to share knowledge with others in the industry.

Episode 6 features Clarence Ford, director, choreographer, teacher, producer, and social entrepreneur who founded Square Circle in 2014. Clarence’s passion for creativity and social change led him to building a platform where underserved youth can fulfill their creative potential. In the episode, he touches on the trials and tribulations he faced as an entrepreneur and Fred and Derek provide their expert advice.

Stay tuned for future episodes to hear more stories of resilience and success from the entrepreneurs and how TurboTax can be a part of your journey. If you are not 100% confident in your tax return and need a tax expert to review before you submit, or would prefer having a tax expert file your taxes for you, check out TurboTax Live Assist & Review or TurboTax Live Full Service. If you prefer to file your own taxes, check out our DIY product catalogue.

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