CRA & Revenu Québec

Canada Tax 2018: Provincial Tax Brackets & Due Dates

In Canada, taxpayers pay income tax to the federal government and to the government of the province/territory where they reside. In all provinces/territories except Québec, the federal government collects the provincial/territorial tax and gives it back to them in the form of various programs. Québec collects and manages its own income tax. Tax credits, rebates and various amounts that individuals may be entitled to are used to reduce the income tax they have to pay.

T1 General tax form

  • For federal income tax and for provincial/territorial income tax
  • Mailed or submitted electronically (NETFILE)  to the Canada Revenu Agency (CRA)
  • Due date: April 30th

In Québec

  • Two tax returns for individuals
  • Federal return: same as the rest of Canada
  • Québec return:
    • On the TP1 tax form
    • Mailed or submitted electronically (NetFile Québec) to Revenu Québec
    • Due date: April 30th

Provincial tax brackets: