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Canada’s Greenest, Sexiest and Most Generous Cities to be Revealed!

We just completed our second annual Tax Credit Census and found Philanthropists out West and Eco-Friendly, Procreating Folks in the Capital, amongst other things

If the tax credits we claim tell us anything about the quirks, psyche and unique qualities of Canadians, then our citizens are as diverse as the credits themselves. We recently completed our second-annual Tax Credit Census, conducted for Intuit by Angus Reid. Here’s what we learned!

Charity: Westerners Open their Hearts

While nearly half of all Canadians (47 per cent) plan to claim the charitable donation tax credit, Western Canadians are truly Canada’s do-gooders, with Edmonton taking the crown as Canada’s most generous city.  A full 62 per cent of Edmontonians plan to claim charitable donations this year, compared to half (55%) in Ottawa and Toronto and just one in four (27%) in Montreal.