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Everything You need to know about TurboTax software and our Support Options!

TurboTax 2020 is NOW available

Although TurboTax needs no introduction as we are the best selling software across Canada because we have every situation covered; assisting our customers’ personal taxation needs. Let’s explain the details of all aspects of our software and support options.

From a simple tax return to one that has many variables, TurboTax has a solution. You may choose to do your own tax return or help family and friends as well. We have the resources and support you will need.

ONLINE version

Our online editions will assist you in successfully completing your tax return and these editions are priced per completed return. You start your tax return and pay at the end just before you Netfile or print to mail to the CRA & RQ. (Quebec is the only province in Canada that has to file a federal and a provincial tax return)

Here is our line-up of online editions:

  • FREE – No costs whatsoever, geared towards simple returns such as one Tslip or filing to receive benefits such as GST or CCB.
  • Standard – This is geared towards, families or individual returns.
  • Premier – If you have investments or rental properties, this edition will guide you through all those extra deductions you can claim and credits you may be eligible to receive.
  • Self-Employed – You are your own boss and you have to declare your self-employed income, this will walk you through all the possible deductions you may be entitled to claim as a self-employed individual.

How do I use the online version of the software?

You simply log in on our website, (top right corner of the screen) and click the “Sign in” icon. You may have to register for an account if it is your first time using the online version, otherwise simply click on “Continue my 2020 return” or “Continue my 2019 return”. From there you will choose which edition of the software you want to use (as mentioned above) then start your tax return. You can save your information at any time and come back later, you do not have to complete it all in one sitting.

Take note: Please keep a record of your Username and Password handy. Some users will choose a username while others will use their email address to sign in. It’s important you know which one you have chosen as it will affect your sign credentials when you try to log back in later.

MAC users: Our online software is the one for you to use with your MAC, you will not be able to use the downloaded version.


We also offer downloaded editions which you can install on your computer. This means you will purchase the edition you require, download it onto your computer and activate it with the 16-digit license code (provided upon completion of purchase). Once installed you will then open it from the “TurboTax 2020” desktop icon and start your taxes. (If you purchase the download edition, you do not have to sign in online).

Here is our line-up of downloaded editions:

How do I install the CD/Downloaded version of the software?

Our software is designed to provide you with all possible deductions and credits based on your personalized needs. We guarantee maximum results while minimizing your taxes owing. And the security of your data is always our priority.

What if I want to do more returns with my downloaded edition?

You can purchase additional returns within the software under the “Help” menu. You can do a maximum of 20 returns per computer, as per the CRA (bottom of link page).

What if I want to download to more than one computer?

You will be able to download the software onto one computer to maximum of 3 installations with the same license code, but keep in mind that you still only get a maximum of 20 returns.

Where can I purchase your software?

Our website of course, under the “Product & Pricing” tab, which would be your best option to ensure you are purchasing our software, not anyone else trying to pose as us.  But if you choose to purchase in store, have a look at this link for details.

All the support you need

The support we provide is precise and specific to your personal tax situation based on the CRA and all provincial & territorial credits. You can reach out to us via our community to ask a question, where our team of experts will answer you. You can also go to our Facebook or Twitter pages, where our experts will be more than happy to assist with accurate and detailed answers to your questions in a quick and effective manner.  You may also utilize this page to get further assistance with any of our products or services. Simply “Select your platform” and “Ask your question”.

Additionally, TurboTax has a LIVE service available to anyone that may want or need further assistance doing their tax return. Please review this link for further details.

TurboTax we always got you covered!